Main toh hoon Pagal! #Day 92, Recap

 January 8th, 2013

  • Rajev was seen wearing his microphone again after having been pacified by Delnaaz. Later, he sits with his best friend Sana and confesses how he woudl miss her after the show is over. Watch their conversation right here!

    Rajev asked to give up
  • Niketan and Urvash iwere seen discussin Rajev and Sana's "friendship" and hwo they are making a mockery of themselves on camera. Watch their entire conversation in this video.

    Bitching session!
  • Soon, Bigg Boss announces a task in the house and sends in a letter stating that each day, one of the contestants would be made the ‘Ek Din Ka Baadshah’ in Bigg Boss house. Urvashi is made the baadshah for the day, and while she does no chores in the house, she orders the housemates to do various tasks. Watch as Urvashi takes her throne. 

  • Housemates were asked to enact one out of three of Urvashi's big moments and the dselected was played on Tv for reference. Watch here to know which of Urvashi's big moment did the housemates select to act. 

    Bigg Moments, Bigg Problems!
  • In the evening, Imam was seen taunting Rajev and sings the song ’Ek hazaaro main meri behna hai’ for Rajev and Sana. Rajev loses his cool over this and Urvashi asks Imam not to disturb Rajev when he is in the midst of reciting a poem. Watch as Imam tries to provoke rajev, yet again.

    Rajev can bear no more!
  • Bigg Boss then launches the ‘Chahe koi mujhe pagal kahe’ task where Sana, Rajev, Niketan and Imam are the patients, Urvashi is a doctor and Delnaz is the matron. Seems like this would be Imam's favorite task! Watch as each are alloted their roles.

    Main aisa kyu hoon?
  •  Rajev then goes to have a word with Imam stating that Imam will not hinder and do anything to put him down during the task, while Imam shooes him away.  Watch as Rajev extends the olive branch of reconciliation.

    Rajev calls for peace
  • Imam soon gets into his character and plays the role of a mental patient seamlessly. He also introduces his ex-girlfriend! Watch here to know who is she!

    Imam in full form!
  • The task comes to an end in the night and Urvashi is asked to choose one housemate whose performance is not convincing. She picks Imam and blames him for not starting the task on time. Watch Imam's reaction in this video.

    Imam the worst fool?
  • Post the task, Delnaz-Sana-Rajev discuss Imam’s act, while Imam is seen having a monologue wherein he feels he performed better than the others. As the day ends, Urvashi tells Niketan that Imam has not done any task with perfection in the house and that he needs to play his game well now. Watch as the day ends on a sombre note.

    Day ends...

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