Maha sequences in Mahasangam #Uttaran

 February 8th, 2013

  • Mahasangam episode of Uttaran focused on Meethi’s sangeet and also showed the return of Rathore. The episode promised us the coming together of Mohan and Megha and well, they almost did! Over all, the episode brought in many twists and turns and here’s a quick look at some of the best highpoints.

  • Meethi’s sangeet started off with Mukta’s performance as she danced on the song Radha from SOTY. After giving a solo performance she pulled in Vishnu to dance not knowing that he is the real Vishnu, the one she has been looking for since days! Watch Mukta’s performance in this video.

  • After shaking a leg or two with Mukta, the real Vishnu proceeded to meet Ichcha and was about to approach her when she looked through him and welcomed her son-in-law. Turning point came when she called out to the latter as Vishnu and the former was left gaping. Watch this entire sequence right here.

  • Sensing that her plan might just fail, Surbhi made the real Vishnu leave the ceremony. She warned him how Ichcha’s in-laws don’t know about her past in jail and he being here could bring back those bad memories. Vishnu obliges for the sake of his Teacherji. Watch the real Vishnu’s exit right here.

  • Right after Vishnu’s exit, Rathore made his re-entry in the show. He’s known for his style and so this re-entry couldn’t be just a normal affair. He was welcomed back on the song Shava Shava and after showing off his moves he pulled in Ichcha and Veer to the dance floor! Watch Rathore’s performance right here.

  • Finally, Megha entered the ceremony and was happy to see Ichcha and Veer back together. She also met up with Damini and both became nostalgic and remembered their meeting in past. Megha then gifted Meethi an idol of Ganesha and wished her luck for a new beginning. Watch as Megha met up with Ichcha’s family.

  • Mohan came right after and was bowled over to see Megha in front of him. He too went in flashback and remembered some beautiful moments spent with his wife. But sadly, the biggest meeting didn’t take place as Mohan left the party and preferred to not show himself to Megha. Watch as Mohan and Megha almost come face to face. 

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