Madhu's secret Karwa Chauth

 November 29th, 2012

  • After singing romatic songs with RK in her dreams, Madhu decides to fast for RK's long life.

    Step 1
  • Radha forbids Madhu from keeping the Karwa Chauth fast while Deepali gets a go ahead.

  • Vivian also discourages her about the silly custom as he thinks that only fake people like Dipali and his mother keep such fasts. Madhu feels disheartens as she believes in the ritual.  

  • She then takes Bittoo Ji into confidence and seeks his help in keeping the fast clandestinely.

    Step 4
  • Bittoo Ji explains her all the steps (Read Rasams) involved in the fast starting from the Mehendi, Jwellery and Sargi (special food cooked by mother-in-laws). And the mission begins!

    Step 5
  • Step-1: Jwellery!

    Madhu cleverly goes up to RK and strats annoyng him by smiling unnecessarily. Rk asks her what would she take to stop smiling for no reason? She asks for her earrngs that he had promised neevr to return.

    Step 6
  • Jwellery Done!

    Smart move eh! Step one accomplished!

    Step 7
  • Step 2: Mehendi!

    Bittoo Ji arranged for the best mehendi ceremony for Madhu on the terrace in the dead of night. He got industries best mehendi artist and a surprise message that made her day!


    Step 8
  • Mehendi Done!

    Despite Dipali's doubts and taunts, Madhu got her hands tatooed for RK!

    Step 9
  • Step 3: Sargi!

    After accomplishing two major steps, Madhu still had the most crucial part of the fast left; Sargi. She sneaks-out of her room in the wee hours of the morning.

    Step 10
  • But, Dips plays her trick again and throws the remaining Sargi in the dustbin lest Madhu gets to eat it and is unable to fast! 

    Step 11
  • After searching for the Sargi in the kitchen, Madhu finally gets the packet out of the dustbin and decides to eat, just when RK screams out for her!

    Step 12
  • Rk finds out that Madhu had lied to her and gone after fooling him by tucking pillows in the bed and covering it with the blanket!

    Step 13
  • Madhu leaves the Sargi and runs to her room and in between Dips add something in her food, so that she falls sick and is unable to fast further!

  • Madhu does eat the Sargi to complete her fast falling isck later on. But, 'This too shall pass' as her pure intentions and budding love for RK will only make this bond stronger!


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