Madhuri ka Sabse bada fan kaun?

 September 14th, 2012

  • By now we all are aware of the kind of fan following Madhuri Dixit has. Not only the aam janta is fida over her adas, dance and smile but the young actos and actresses from Bollywood are a huge fan of her talent. So much so that they can go to any extent to prove their admiration for the Diva.

  • The similar debate started when Ranbir and Priyanka went up to the stage to prove themselves as her biggest fan!

  • While Ranbir recited a poem and sang 'main shayar to nahi' to impress her... Priyanka didn't leave any stone unturned to prove that she can win this argue ment hands down!

  • Priyanka walked onto stage to perform to 'dhak dhak karne laga' 

  • Well, unlike Priyanka, Ranbir decided not to steal the show, but the Diva herself and that is when our beautiful judge was subjected to a tug-of-war literally by the two.

  • Looks like someone had to jump in to settle the fight, but did it really end there? Be a part of this madness, watch the show this week!

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