Love will find a way: Parichay 2012

 December 27th, 2012

  • Parichay- Nayi Zindagi Ke Sapnon Ka is a troubled love story of two individuals, Kunal and Siddhi, where destiny plays its cruel game and separates them each time they come together. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest challenges they faced in 2012.

  • Earlier this year The much in love couple got separated for almost nine years owing to an unfortunate event. Richa, Kunal’s ex-flame, after several failed attempts of making a come-back into his life played the most wicked game ever.

  • Richa planned a mock kidnap of her own brother, Rohit, along with her father, Thakral (once a mentor to Kunal) and got Kunal arrested for his murder. Siddhi, being a lawyer herself, investigated and realized that the whole abduction was nothing but a dirty plan by the Thakrals. But, just when she was about to prove her husband’s innocence, Rohit died under mysterious circumstances.

  • Siddhi took the entire blame on herself  with the intention of saving her husband, she hid her pregnancy and pretended to be apathetic towards her family, cut off all emotional strings and went on to serve a nine year long imprisonment.

  • But why did Siddhi do that? Actually, Richa had offered Siddhi to save Kunal if she divorced him and became the antagonist. 

  • Siddhi gave birth to twins in the jail. Fearing the baby to be the link between Kunala and Siddhi, Richa kidnapped the first twin boy with an intention of killing him. Fortunately, she bumped into Kunal and blamed Siddhi for trying to kill the baby, putting her into the bad light once again.

  • Siddhi passed on the second twin boy’s responsibility to Sulekha. Siddhi was told that her first baby was dead and fearing the same for the other boy; she told  Sulekha Diwan, whom she befriended in the jail to give the baby to Kunal as she did not want to raise him in the jail. After her release Sulekha went to the Chopra house, where she found Richa with Kunal and assumed them to be married. Fearing the baby’s future, she took him back to her own house.

  • ‘Take Two’ of this turbulent love story goes through a nine year long leap. Kunal was still clinging on to the feeling of betrayal by Siddhi and his only hope to live is his nine year old son Anand (Named after Kunal’s younger brother and Siddhi’s first love who died in an accident). Richa was now a part of their family, although, Kunal did not marry her.

  • Siddhi’s out of the jail to start afresh. Desperate to meet her son she went to Sulekha Diwan where she met Sulekha’s son Abhay Diwan, who had raised her son, also named Anand (Diwan). 

  • He accepted her as a part of his family and also played a big role in bringing Anand (Diwan) closer to Siddhi as Anand was reluctant in accepting her as a mother given her middle class personality.

  • Siddhi met Kunal after nine years at Anand’s (Diwan) school function, and both felt the pang of separation..

  • Fate played cupid when Siddhi and Kunal agreed to join Abahy’s office unaware of the fact that they will be working together. Much to their discomfort, there were several encounters between them.

  • Anand- Anand bonded in the summer camp following a fight. Oblivious of the fact that they were real brothers, there was a constant competition between the two, to outshine each-other till they discovered the truth.

  • Siddhi met the Chopras on the silver jubilee party of Abhay’s company. A brief moment of intimacy happened between them, much to the Chopra family’s discomfort.

  • Richa blackmailed Kunal after she got to know that he and Siddhi were working together. She threatened him by saying that she would go ahead and tell Siddhi whose son Anand Chopra wa, if he didnt marry her. On the other hand, Kunal contemplated about her proposal as he thought Abhay was interested in Siddhi. But, this time both the Anands took the responsibility of bringing their real parents together.

  • Destiny brought  Kunal & Siddhi closer. On an official trip, Siddhi confessed her love for Kunal after getting drunk as they were in hiding from the local goons. 

  •  After reaching Mumbai, Kunal told Richa that Siddhi still loves him, leaving her envious once again

  • Abhay confessed his love to Siddhi in the party, where the entire Chopra family was invited. Hurt by stoic Siddhi’s double standards, Kunal decided to leave the city. Soon Siddhi discovered that Kunal is not married to Richa, when both the Anands revealed the truth to her.

  • Siddhi exposed the nine year long secret to Kunal to win him back, but he alleged her to be  the biggest liar and confronted her for not taking a stand against Abahy’s proposal. 

  • Siddhi finally unveiled the nine year old pact that she had with Richa and that Anand (Diwan) was their second child. Kunal became emotional and embraced her like it was their last time together. 

  • Another unfortunate twist in the tale. After reaching home, Kunal convinced his family to forgive Siddhi and accept her as his wife. But when he reached the Diwan house, he got a shock to see Siddhi getting married to Abhay. On confrontation, she confessed that she never loved him. Kunal ended all his relations with her with a slap

  • The kids brought the family together  by running away from home. Worried Kunal, Siddhi and Abhay find the kids only to lose them once gain. Thanks to their egos.

  • Abhay and Kunal file the case for the custody of both the boys. Abhay hires Thakral as his lawyer and Kunal fights his own case. Since Siddhi is married to Abhay, he arm-twists her to manipulate the facts and support him in the court.

  • But to everyone's surprise, the boys reach the court before the verdict and change the whole game. They plead to stay together with their parents, much to Abhay's discomfort!

  • Thakral raises objection to Siddhi's marital status and Abhay being her husband, when Anand reveals that Kunal and SIddhi were never divorced, hence Siddhi's marriage to Abhay stands null.

  • Court passed the verdict and Kunal won the case as well as the custody of both the Anands. Chopra family went through mixed feelings as Siddhi returned home after nine years. The court ordered for not only the custody of both the boys to Kunal, but also asked the couple to stay together for atleast six months as they were still married. 

  • Now that Siddhi and Kunal are together again, will they be able to give this relationship a second chance? Let’s wait and watch what the New Year has in store for them!

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