Kunal-Siddhi: The jinxed love story!

 February 1st, 2013

  • From a compromised marriage to selfless love and from breach of trust to the insatiable desire to be together, Kunal and Siddhi’s love has gone through all the weathers. No matter how much they love each other, destiny has always pushed them apart. Let’s rewind Siddhi and Kunal’s jinxed love story.  

  • Despite so much love and respect for each other. Kunal decided to divorce Siddhi and free her from a loveless marriage as he believed that she still loved Anand. Siddhi too agreed thinking that Kunal did not love her.

  • Their relationship hit the rough patch when Kunal’s ex-girlfriend Richa started intruding into their personal life and accused Kunal for raping her. This did not discourage Siddhi from standing-up for her husband and she went on to prove Richa's accusation wrong. With Richa’s exit from their lives, Kunal and Siddhi finally confessed their love for each other.

  • Their bond became stronger when Siddhi broke the news that she was pregnant to Kunal. But destiny played another unfortunate game and Richa came back into their life with vendetta. After her brother’s death, she got Kunal arrested. In a desperate attempt to save Kunal, Siddhi agreed to Richa’s offer and divorced Kunal.

  • Siddhi faked to be a vicious woman and made everyone despise her. She also took the entire blame of the murder on herself and went to the jail for nine years where she gave birth to twins. Richa kidnapped the first twin boy with an intention of killing him but failed. She lied to Kunal that Siddhi was trying to kill the baby. Kunal by now had started hating her with all his wits.

  • Nine years later when Siddhi came out of the jail, there was another confusion waiting to blemish her relationship with Kunal as she thought him to be married to Richa.

  • After clearing all the confusion, just as Kunal was about to bring Siddhi back, he saw her getting married to Abhay Diwan, the business tycoon, who raised their second son when Siddhi was in jail. 

  • Kunal’s faith on love was shattered again and he decided to fight the case against her and get the custody of his second son. In the court it was revealed that Kunal never divorced Siddhi nullifying her marriage with Abhay. And as per court’s orders, Kunal not only got the custody of his son, but also was directed to stay with Siddhi

  • While they stayed under one roof, Kunal refused to acknowledge Siddhi and ridiculed her for being a sly and greedy woman till she got injured in a bomb blast. At the same time his son revealed the truth behind her forced marriage to Abhay.

  • Finally, after so many years and obstacles in the way of their love, both Kunal and Siddhi are back again. But, how long will their happiness last for? Only the time will tell!

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