Kiran Karmarkar's Tej act in Uttaran

 September 15th, 2012

  • When Tej Singh Bundela re-entered Uttaran, we knew it meant problem. A huge problem, in fact. After getting out of jail, Tej Singh returned with revenge in his mind and some he has even extracted till now.

  • Tej Singh got an entry in Bundela house with the help of Chanda who has been madly in love with him since the start. But poor Chanda, doesn't know that Tej is just using him to get to Dadaji's will. 

  • This mean character of Tej Singh is played by none other than Kiran Karmarkar. A veteran actor, Kiran is most remembered for his role of Om in the popular series Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii. In that he played the main protagonist and from a positive character to as negative as Tej Singh, just goes to prove Kiran Karmarkar's versitality.

  • Kiran got married to our very own Renu Chachi from Na Bole Tum, Rinku Karmarkar. The two got hitched while shooting for Kahaani Ghar Ghar kii, but funny part is they were paired as brother-sister in the show!

  • in the show, Kiran can be seen influencing his nephew to get into bad habits. He gives him a long lecture on how to contorl woman which leads to Yuvi misbehaving with Mukta. His part of the evil uncle is played to the T by him.

  • For a long time, Kiran remained away from the small screen but now that he is back as Tej Singh Bundela we say he's back with a bang!

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