Karishma's vanishing act shocks housemates! #Day 80, Recap

 December 27th, 2012

  • The housemates were woken up at 6 am with 'Jingle Bells' and they ran out to see the whole garden area decked up in Christmas finery. Most of the housemates burst into tears after finding surprise gifts under the tree,and it was a very good morning indeed! Watch the surprise here!

  • Later, the housemates were seen bitching about Imam's unclean habits, because of which he had won the 'Sabse Aswachha Sadasya' award during the Bigg Boss awards night.

  • While cooking, Rajev tried talking to Sana but she snapped at him, declaring that Rajev was not allowed to touch her, and she didn't care if he stopped talking to her because of it! Rajev, obviously, took offence to this statement.

  • Delnaaz was unintentionally pulled into the Rajev-Sana fight, and Rajev ended up warning Delnaaz not to interfere in his matters henceforth. Delnaaz was shocked, as it was Rajev who had asked for her opinion in the first place!

  • Delnaaz and Sana's mood picked up slightly when they joined Aashka, Niketan and Sapna in riding the sleigh kept in the garden area. They sang Christmas carols, and managed to add Christmas cheer to the whole house!

  • After venting out on Rajev, Sana was in a better mood as she became Santa and gave gifts to the housemates. Delnaaz and Urvashi got clothes, and Rajev got a hoodie, which he angrily passed on to Delnaaz, upsetting Sana.

  • In the evening, Bigg Boss organised a magic show for the housemates, and they were heartily entertained by the magician with his tricks. At one point, he even managed to levitate Sapna!

  • The magician then put Sapna, Sana and Karishma in a box and promised that they would change positions after his trick. After a failed first try, he managed to make Karishma disappear from her box, leaving the housemates dumbfounded!

  • Initially the housemates thought that Karishma's eviction was a joke, but when Bigg Boss asked Sapna to pack Karishma's bags, everyone was shocked, realizing that it was indeed an eviction. Most of the housemates thought it was unfair, and only Niketan was of the opinion that the magical eviction was exciting!

  • The phone rang when Niketan was in the garden area, but Rajev rushed to answer the call. It was Karishma, who said good-bye to the housemates and sorry if she had upset anyone. Rajev passed on the message, but Niketan looked miffed that he couldn't answer the call.

  • After the lights went out, Rajev tried sorting out his differences with Sana. Sana revealed that she didnt like Rajev's proximity with Karishma. Rajev calmed her down by proving that he was loyal to Sana, and the patch up was sealed with a kiss that Rajev planted on Sana's cheek!

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