Kareena graces Super Saturday-Recap, #Day 54

 December 2nd, 2012

  • This was the first time someone joined Salman in his opening performance as Kareena and Salman waltzed on 'Teri Meri Prem Kahani' from Bodyguard. Salman was still recovering from his viral fever but Kareena dazzled in a beige gown.

    Prem Kahani
  • After unveiling 'Fevicol' from Dabangg last night, it was time for the live performance. Salman got Kareena to do the signature step of the song, pelvic thrusts and all. And he soon joined in, making it a double treat!

    Watch the performances here!

    Chipkaale Fevicol Se
  • Salman revealed some of Kareena's secrets(?) to the audience, and one of them was that Kareena is a wonderful singer. Kareena was embarrassed to say the least, but was a sport and hummed some lines with Salman.

    Singing star Kareena
  • As Bebo has worked with all Khans, Salman didn't lose this opportunity to quiz her about it! First question: Who is the best Khan? Ans: Pati Parmeshwar Saif Ali Khan!

    Kaun hai best Khan?
  • Question: The most hardworking Khan?

    Ans: Salman Khan. Even he didn't believe it!

    Next question!
  • Question: The most Shaana (read: intelligent) Khan?

    Ans: Aamir Khan

    Intelligent wala Shaana
  • Question: The most Shaitaan Khan?

    Ans: No guesses for this! Very daintily Bebo took Salman's name,

    Shaitaan Khan
  • Question: The best dancer in Khans?

    Ans: The moment Salman asked the question, he stated that Khans are no where close to dancing! But when Bebo took Hrithik Roshan's name the Khan got into hsi dancing shoes and showed he's better than any Hrithik. Khans rule! You can watch the full Q and A session right here!

    Last question for the night!
  • Kareena dons the role of Bigg Boss and advises housemates to live in peace and to aovid violence. He urges them to entertain the viewers but not irritate. Bebo also wishes that Delnaaz wins thsi series and wishes her luck!

    From Bebo to Bigg Boss
  • After grilling Kareena about Khans, Salman enters Padosi House and teases Santosh and Aashka about their one-sided romance. Santosh and Salman then both sing 'Jaana Suno' for Aashka making her turn scarlet!

    Aashka's turn to blush!
  • Salman then calls latest evictee Vishal Karwal and showed him some bitchy moments from hsi stay in Bigg Boss. Vishal was not surprised to see his friends bitch about him behind his back. 

    Friends turn foes
  • Vishal had something to say about everyone. He spoke about how Niketan isn't man enough to face situations, Delnaaz's boring lauki ki sabzi and Rajev's undeterred determination to flirt. But his important messages were for Sana, Sapna and Imama. While he said that he can't chase Sana like Rajev, he advised Sapna and Imam to see a psychiatrist! Too much bhadaas, watch it right here!

    Bhopu pe Bhadaas
  • What Vishal didn't know is that he was getting another chance to stay in the Bigg Boss Padosi house and after informing him, Salman sent him with is boriya-bistar. Watch what happened when Vishal stepped in the Padosi House!

    Surprise Surprise!
  • Salman gave his weather forecast for the week and advised Housemates to steer clear from Sapna and Imam as these two volcaneos can erupt anytime! He also sent out warnings about changing climates in the Bigg Boss House clearly hingting at the upcoming merger! Even we can't wait to see what will happen when all come under one roof! Here's a sneak peek!

    Weather forecast...

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