Jyoti's Choti Si Journey

 November 27th, 2012

she entered Bigg Boss house. She looked forward to meeting all the housemates, and most of all, interacting with Salman!

"> Aashka in particular, looked really happy to see her. Awww!

"> giving her a tour of the house or feeding her and carrying her around, Aashka was at her beck and call, happily!

"> Watch Jyoti's masti with Salman here!

jumped into the well. Actually, Aashka challenged Santosh (jokingly) to jump into the well for Jyoti's entertainment. But Santosh, declaring his love for Aashka, jumped into the well for real! Needless to say, both the girls were pretty shocked

Rakhi entered the house, she lunged straight for Jyoti and included her in the performance. Jyoti was all too happy to join the item girl in her song and dance routine.


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