Juhi's Bigg Journey!

 September 20th, 2012

  • Juhi Parmar became a household name after her lead role in a popular daily show. As soon as the show went off-air, Juhi also vanished from the small screen as she had actually gained a lot of weight due to medical reasons. This became a hinderance in her acting career.

    Bigg Boss: Juhi
  • Bigg Boss was a blessing in disguise and a second inning for her as her ‘weighty’ issue had kept her away from small screen.

    Bigg Boss: Juhi
  • After winning the show, Juhi stressed that she was not the silent player. She also said that she used to talk, laugh, cry, voice her opinion and stood up for the truth.

    Bigg Boss: Juhi
  • In one of her interviews she said, "If picking up fights and all that was concerned then I wouldnt have won the show. I have hardly had any major fight on the show. It takes you ahead in the show as it does not help you in winning. That is not the mantra"

    Bigg Boss: Juhi
  • She stuck to one Mantra throughout the show, "Don't use foul language."

    Bigg Boss: Juhi
  • Juhi's guidelines for winning the shows are:

    Be patient

    Don't hold on grudges

    Don't use bad language

    Don't be double-faced

    Follow what you preach

    Bigg Boss: Juhi
  • As the winner of the show, Juhi took home her return ticket to the small screen, apart from the trophy and the prize money of rupees one crore ofcourse!

    Bigg Boss: Juhi

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