Journey of Madhavas

 September 20th, 2012

  • Madhavas is a rock band inclined towards sufisim and their motto is to spread the message of God. Big-time followers of Lord Krishna, Madhavas entered India's Got Talent 3 and paved their way to finals

  • Members of the band include: Nirdosh Sobti on guitar, vocals and keyboards. Nama Bhakti on Bass guitar, Neha Behl on vocals. Gagan Deep Singh on vocals and guitar and Isaac M. Cinnayya on drums.

  • . In their first performance this band sang the shlok Raghupati Raghav but in their own rock style. The judges liked it and Sonali went on to tag their group as 'the one with a difference.'

  •  In each performance they sang the praises of God and that became their signature style. 

  • For the finale episode, Madhavas sang a special dedication to Shahrukh Khan and must say the King was mighty pleased.

  •  Nirdosh was earlier chosen as the best guitarist on MTV Rock On but it was after India's Got Talent that this band got the fame. In the finale episode, Nirdosh and Neha announced their marriage and got special blessgings from SRK himself!

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