Journey of BAD Salsa Group

 September 20th, 2012

  • BAD Salsa Group,  one of the finalists of India's Got Talent Season 3, showed us all that age doesn't matter and talent is everything.

  • Two teenagers from Kolkata, Akash and Dona, entered India's Got Talent 3 on a promising note and continued to mesmerise the audience as well as judges by their stunning Salsa moves.

  •  All the three judges doted on these two and they especially seem to have left a huge impression on Kirron Kher. The latter always went on to stage to praise them post performance

  • One of their best performance was when they danced on Sholon Si from Shabd. The judges complimented them on their style and choreography

  • Each time they got on to the stage, Akash and Dona showed us different versions of Salsa proving their versitality

  •  Coming from Bivash Academy of Dance (BAD) in Kolkata, Akash and Dona have performed across country before even entering this reality show.

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