Jai finds an Indian connection in the US

 February 1st, 2013

1.)       Jai meeting Urmila Patel can be called divine intervention. He met her in the temple that he visited soon after landing. The two bonded on their common love for India, Gujarat and Kishan bhagwaan.

"> Urmila Patel, who is lovingly called Ummi, says that she has left her heart in India even after shifting to the US. She craves for Indian experiences in the foreign land, and wears her Indianness like a badge of honour. 

"> 1.)     Urmila has been very helpful to Jai, from lending him money in the temple to suggesting that he announce his lost bag on the Indian radio station. Needless to say, this has strengthened the bond between Jai and Urmila, whom he calls Maasi. 

"> 1.)     Urmila also strives to keep Indian traditions alive in every way possible. She goes to the mandir regularly, and also insists on teaching Indian sanskaar to the younger generation.


1.)     This brings us to Bhoomi, Urmila’s grand-daughter. Born and raised in the US, she thinks of herself as an American. She almost always tries to resist Urmila’s attempts at Indianizing her, and turns up her nose at Indian food as well as traditions.

1.)     She works at New York Fashion magazine, the same firm where Jai is supposed to work. Bhoomi is clumsy, talkative and a little forgetful, but she has big dreams. She works in the marketing department, but aspires to be a fashion designer someday.


1.)     She is also the cause of most of Jai’s troubles, as she’s the one that took away Jai’s cab, along with the bag containing all his documents. She did return the bag when Jai came to her house, but without his passport, getting Jai in BIG trouble with the police. Didn’t we say she was forgetful?

"> 1.)      As we said, Jai has gotten into trouble a little too many times. But these troubles lead him to a new friend, Shaukat. Shaukat saved Jai when the police accosted him for sleeping on a park bench, and even took him home.

"> 1.)     Shaukat is a big-hearted devout man from Punjab, and it is evident that he misses his homeland a lot. Whenever he gets the time, he looks at his old photographs from home, and gets nostalgic. Maybe this Indianness is why he helped Jai, despite not knowing him at all!

1.)     Shaukat and Jai have struck up a friendship regardless of their many differences. Shaukat and Jai are from different regions and religions, and Shaukat is a carnivore while Jai is a pure vegetarian. But inspite of this, these two Indian men get along very well, with Shaukat trying to help him in every way possible.


1.)     So Jai left his family behind to fulfil his grandfather’s dream. But in the US, apart from all the obstacles in his way, he also found these 3 people that he can call his own, who guide him and allow him to have a little part of India with him in America.




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