India's Got Talent in 2012

 December 21st, 2012

  • In 2012, we saw some of the very best talents show cased in season 4 of India’s Got Talent. And to judge them were some of the best from the industry – Karan Johar, Malaika Arora Khan, Farah Khan and the face of IGT, Kirron Kher.

  • After hosting a successful season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, we once again saw Manish Paul play the host on IGT 4 with Cyrus Sahukar.

  • Audition Day 1 Many talents came and went but there were some that left a huge impression on us, just like Tanya and Mukesh. This couple showed some excellent Rope Mallakhamb skills and astounded the judges with their graceful moves. Watch their audition performance right here.

  • Another contestant who made a special place in our hearts from Day 1 was Reshma. This 5-yr old girl walked the rope and left everyone overwhelmed. Watch her audition performance in this video.

  • Kareena Kapoor also graced the sets of IGT on Day 1. While she was left speechless by some of the performances, there were some who left her in splits! Just like Khusro and his funny mujra. Have a look at how Kareena sportingly showed her mujra skills!

  • Audition Day 2 Shiraz Irani made her debut on Day 2 and her gyrating belly dance made her the star of the day! Watch her audition performance right here!

  • While Shiraz showed off her belly dancing skills, Abhinash jumped off tube lights from a height of 6-storeys and for the first time we saw Kirron hide under her pallu! Watch his daredevil performance here.

  • Audition Day 3 IGT is known to promote different forms of talent. So when Silhouette Squad did a shadow act on Day 3, the judges welcomed them with open arms!  Watch this group’s audition performance right here.

  • Day 3 also marked the beginning of a new love story. The saga of Manish and his Kirru! Watch as Manish tries to make an attempt to woo Kirron in this video.

  • Audition Day 4 Deepraj wowed us all with his soulful singing in the audition round and got a standing ovation from the three judges. Watch his audition performance right here.

  • Audition Day 5 From the auditions itself, Shonali and Sumanth of Bivash Academy of Dance proved that they had the potential to win! Watch their mind blowing performance in this video!

  • After scouring so many talents IGT hit a jackpot when Toshanbor performed an Opera in his audition. This was for the first time, in all the seasons, that the talent of opera singing was attempted by a contestant. Watch as Toshanbor inducts an opera on IGT.

  • Audition Day 6 Nishan-E-Khalsa did some nerve-racking acts which forced the judges to reprimand them on topic of safety. Watch them perform some dangerous stunts in this video.

  • While looking for the best of the talents, the team of IGT reached Tihar Jail! There they found a group called ‘Flying Souls’ who are known for their art in music. Watch IGT’s extra ordinary discovery!

  • Audition Day 7 Reshma Lalwani, who is the only female Samurai in India recognized by Limca Book of Records, performed some heart-wrenching stunts in her audition. Watch her performance in this video.

  • On Day 7 we also saw Jumme Khan and his group bring some flavor of Rajasthani LokGeet to IGT. His songs spoke about the problems that hamper our country. Watch his melodious performance here.

  • Audition Day 8 Last day of auditions brought out some heartwarming performances but the Raptilez 101 definitely stood out with their catchy rap. Look how they even made Kirron do rap with them!

  • With the end of auditions we also bid farewell to Malaika. Her journey definitely ended there but she had some of the best moments on IGT. Watch Malaika’s Oomph moments in this video.

  • Semi Final 1 While Malaika left the show, Farah Khan soon filled her spot as the other two judges welcomed her with much warmth and together they kick started the Semi Finals!

  • Semi Final 1 also saw Preity Zinta, who came in to promote her movie Ishq in Paris. She mingled with all the contestants and even danced with a few! While watching Tanya and Mukesh’s performance, Preity was left speechless. Watch the semi final performance of this magical couple right here.

  • Semi Final 2 Sonakshi Sinha also came to motivate the young talents. When Ila and Ibra, the singing sisters, dedicated a song to her she was more than happy to sing along! Watch the semi final performance of Ila and Ibra right here.

  • Semi Final 3 In this episode we saw Nitish Bharti recreate Yuvraj Singh’s struggle with life in his sand art. The act in itself was so powerful that even, the usually tough Yuvi, was left in tears! Watch this breath taking performance in this video.

  • Semi Final 4 We saw another splendid performance by the kids of Bivash Academy. Their international level acts give a whole new meaning to dance. Watch the two kids give out an ace performance right here.

  • Our two anchors Manish and Cyrus, have many a times tried to flaunt their talents to the judges. So when Raptilez 101 performed their rap, these two also got in and sang their own rap. Watch as Manish and Cyrus rap it for you!

  • Semi Final 5 Deepraj with his mature voice won the hearts of the judges yet again as he sang the song Kesariya Baalam. Watch this 12-yr old give a flawless performance in this video.

  • Semi Final 6 In the last Semi Final IGT paid tribute to Bollywood as the industry completed its 100 years! Watch Margam Dance Academy dance on some evergreen songs of our Surperstars!

  • Pre Finale 1 Diwali was celebrated in IGT with much fanfare. Watch as the team of IGT, along with the judges, celebrated the festival of lights.

  • Chanchal Bharti sang such beautiful Qawwali that the judges also got up from their seats to join in. Watch Chanchal perform for the judges in this video.

  • Pre Finale 2 Ocean Kids, who were eliminated after semi finals, came back as wild card entries! It was Kirron Kher who got them back and they made sure they gave a power-packed performance on their return. Watch their re-entry in this video.

  • Grand Finale Shahrukh Khan along with his two leading ladies, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, made an appearance in the Grand Finale of IGT. The trio encouraged all the contestants and Karan even made them dance on Radha! Watch as the stars try to match steps with Karan in this video.

  • The moment arrives! After a fun-filled Grand Finale, Shahrukh Khan crowned Bivash Academy of Dance as winners of IGT season 4! Watch them pick up the trophy right here!

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