In Pics:Sneak Peek of Grand Finale #SurKshetra

 December 28th, 2012

  • At the end of the Pre-finale rounds, 2 contestants each from India and Pakistan were selected to represent their country in the Grand Finale. Now the stage is set for the final battle between the nations. Here's a sneak peek into the Finale of SurKshetra.

  • The four finalists, with their respective Captains, take the stage in the Finale. The contestants will need all the pepping up they can get before they fight it out one last time for the SurKshetra crown.

  • The Finale will also see all the jury members re-unite on stage. Apart from the 3 permanent jury members, the four other jury members-Ghulam Ali, Suresh Wadkar, Ismail Darbar and Sajjad Ali, who have been part of the SurKshetra journey will grace the occasion.

  • One of the reasons you can't miss the SurKshetra Finale is because not just the finalists, but all the eliminated contestants from both countries will also be present to cheer up their team mates. And you can judge the scale of their performances by this picture.

  • Nabeel, whose mind-blowing performances have made him a favourite with the jury, will rock the stage in this night! Nabeel will sing not one but two songs, in his bid to win the SurKshetra title. Don't miss this!

  • The ever-smiling Diljaan, who is one of the front-runners for winning the title, will also give his best to songs like 'Sadda Haq' and 'Jugni'. With these songs perfect for his voice, DIljaan is sure to impress!

  • Are you waiting to hear Mulazim sing? With him singing 'Teri Deewani' in the Finale, you'll surely not be disappointed. And with the SurKshetra title at stake, this 'chhota packet, bada dhamaka' will definitely give his best!

  • Yashraaj, who has been talking about winning the SurKshetra title for his country, will get his final chance today. He'll try his luck with 'Akhiya Nu Chain Na Aave'. Let's hope this 'Shikari' can hunt down the grand prize!

  • It's been a while since Runa Laila has performed in SurKshetra, but Runa Laila will make up for it during the Grand Finale by performing on a medley of songs. From judge to performer, we're looking forward to this transformation.

  • Despite the pressure he's under, Pakistani captain Atif will sing 'Pehli Nazar' in the Grand Finale. Considering his popularity, this performance is sure to drive the crowds wild. Not just that, he will also continue his fun nok-jhok with Asha Bhosle!

  • With such a grand set up in Dubai, and power-packed performance from both sides of the borders, the SurKshetra Grand Finale promises to be the event of the year. Don't miss the show on Saturday, or you'll be forced to say 'Nahiiii!' with regret! Watch the exclusive Finale Behind the Scenes video here!

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