In Pics: #Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha Ep. 136

 July 13th, 2012

  • Megha finally breaks down after Mohan leaves and confesses that she loves Mohan in front of her family. Everyone in the family is shocked to hear this, especially Renu and Vedkant. But Bela Jiji and Nanhi are really happy to see that Megha has finally admitted her feelings.

  • Inspite of the shocked looks from the family members and Manav, Megha realizes that she needs to stop Mohan and tell him that she loves him. She runs out of the house but Renu stops her and asks her if she has lost her mind. Renu tries dragging Megha back to the house.

  • Megha rushes to Mohan's house and knocks at his door. Through the closed door she tries to tell him that she loves him. But she finds that his door is locked and she is disappointed.

  • Just as she turns back from the door, it starts raining. Megha, who is happy after finally proclaiming her feelings, is blissful because of the rain and loses herself in the rain.

  • On the other hand, Mohan is devastated because Megha did not support him in front of her family. He is lost and walking in the rain, thinking about Megha. He is utterly broken and falls to his knees on the road.

  • Mohan remembers every rejection he has faced from Megha and every occasion where she has said that she doesn't love him. He is shattered that his confidence that Megha loves him is broken.

  • In frustration, Mohan screams out in the rain to express his anger at the way things turned out. His frustration at failing to get Megha to love him back and be willing to marry him.

  • Megha on the other hand, is enjoying the rains freely after a long time. She is called into the house by Bela Jiji. Megha runs upto her, hugs her and asks her if she did the right thing. Bela Jiji says yes and informs Megha that Vedkant wants to talk to Megha in private.

  • Mohan gets a call from Riddhima's mother who asks him to rush to the hospital as it is an emergency and he is the only one who can help their family in this time.

  • Vedkant calls Megha to his room and demands to know if she considers him her father. When she says yes, he asks her if she truly loves Mohan . Megha starts crying and tells him that after Amar, Mohan is the only person who is close to her heart. 

  • Nanhi goes to meet Manav in his room and tells him that though she likes him, Mohan will be the ideal new papa for her. She tells him how Mohan and Megah used to fight earlier but later they developed a friendship that turned to love. She shows him pictures of all their time together. She tells him that Mohan has always helped them. Manav agrees that Mohan is indeed the ideal choice for Megha.

  • Kunal reaches the hospital and finds that Riddhima's father has suffered a heart attack and that the doctors have given him very less time to live. Kunal goes to the ICU and sees that her father is in a very serious condition.

  • Riddhima's father is on his death bed when Mohan goes to meet him. He tells Mohan that it was a great pleasure to meet him and that he should take Riddhima's hand in marriage so that he can die in peace. Riddhima's mother seconds this. Mohan and Riddhima are shocked.

  • At Vyas house, Vedkant asks the whole family to come around and says that this has never happened in the family. Renu reminds him that wedding cards of the Megha-Manav wedding have been printed so the wedding is bound to happen. Vedkant agrees that the wedding will happen, but to the person that Megha loves. Megha and Jiji are very happy and Renu is shocked. When Renu insults Mohan, Vedkant asks her not do do say as he will be the son-in-law of their household soon.

  • Megha is very happy that her family has accepted her love and she will be able to marry Mohan. On the other hand, Mohan is shocked that Riddhima's father has given him the responsibility of marrying Riddhima.


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