In Pics: Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha 23rd June Special Episode

 June 26th, 2012

  • Megha confesses to Bela Jiji that she loves Mohan but cannot marry him as his mother hates her and her children. She is also feeling guilty about Amar's death and decides that she will not separate another son from his mother.

    Megha confesses to Jiji
  • Bela Jiji tries explaining to Megha that Mohan loves her and that she should not sacrifice as this will ruin Mohan's life. But Megha is adamant that she will not change her decision and asks her not to say anything to the family. Bela Jiji places the doll representing Megha next to the Spiderman doll and leaves the room. Megha breaks down on seeing the two toys together.

    Bela Jiji tries talking to Megha
  • Nanhi asks Bela Jiji about what Megha said. Bela Jiji replies that Megha refused to marry Mohan and leaves. Nanhi looks resolute.

    Nanhi's decision
  • Nanhi asks Megha why Mohan will not be their new father. Megha is shocked and asks her if Mohan told Nanhi about this. Nanhi denies it and says that the new papa has to be of Nanhi and Addu's choice. Megha gets angry with her, tells her that she also has a say in who she gets married to and that she does not like Mohan. Megha also asks her not to interfere in adult matters and never to speak about this topic again. Megha leaves but Nanhi realizes that Megha was lying.

    Nanhi asks Megha
  • On the other hand, the family members are sitting with Manav. Vedkant tells him that he is an eligible candidate for Megha's remarriage and that she will be privileged if he accepts her hand in marriage. He also assures Manav that he can take his time in deciding if he is ready to marry Megha or not. Manav leaves the place and Vedkant and the family hope that Manav will decide to marry Megha.

    Vedkant Vyas asks Manav
  • Nanhi overhears the elders' conversation with Manav and comes to know that they are planning to get Megha married to Manav. But she decides that she will ensure that Megha gets married to Mohan and not Manav.

    Nanhi overhears
  • Mohan's mother Indu approaches Mohan and tells him about a proposal for marriage. She tells him that the girl is a nice match for him and if he is ready to meet her.  Guru is shocked at this turn of events. Mohan gets up and goes to the window without replying.

    Mohan gets a proposal
  • At the window, Mohan sees Megha and Addu looking happy on the swing while Manav gives the swing a push. Mohan gets a flashback of Megha's criticism for him after looking at this happy family picture. Manav, on the other hand, tells Megha that one should not stop in life but move on.

    Megha with Manav
  • On seeing Megha happy, Mohan promises his mother that he will meet the girl of her choice and think about marrying her. But he insists that the meething will happen at his house and not at a restaurant. Guru is displeased with this decision but Mohan's mother seems happy and relieved.

    Mohan promises his mother
  • Vedkant, Saroj and Bela Jiji come to Megha's room and tell her that they have asked Manav to marry Megha and that he is a good choice for her. Bela Jiji wants to tell Vedkant about Mohan but Megha stops her. Saroj tells Megha that she always resented her but now that Megha is like their daughter, she would be happy to do her 'kanya daan' and leaves.

    Vedkant asks Megha about Manav

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