In pics :#Balika Vadhu Ep. 1021

 June 13th, 2012

  • After Shiv and Ashima's welcome, Anandi gets Ashima ready in a traditional Rajasthani outfit at the Singh household.

    Anandi and Ashima enter
  • Shiv gets a pleasant surprise on seeing the traditionally dressed Ashima as she is normally dressed in Western outfits.

    A surprised Shiv
  • Dadisa is not very happy that Anandi made Ashima wear traditional outfits as she thinks Shiv will get attracted to Ashima.

    Unhappy Dadisa
  • Ashima asks Anandi to click some pictures of Shiv and her together and Anandi agrees.

    Ashima with the camera
  • Ashima sits very close to Shiv, with her arm in Shiv's arm, which Dadisa does not like.

    Shiv with Ashima
  • Ashima asks Dadisa to click a picture of Anandi, Shiv and Ashima, and shows her how to do it.

    Dadisa with Ashima
  • Dadisa cuts Ashima out of the picture, clicking a picture only of Shiv and Anandi.

    Shiv clicked with Anandi
  • Shiv and Ashima leave after Ashima clicks pictures with every family member and thanks the Singh family for their wonderful hospitality.

    Shiv and Ashima leave
  • Dadisa tells Shiv that she has something important to tell him but the time is not right. When Shiv asks her to come to his office, she refuses and asks him to come home. Shiv accepts the invitation and tells her that he'll come whenever Dadisa calls him.

    Dadisa talks to Shiv
  • Anandi mentions to Dadisa that Ashima might like Shiv and Shiv hasn't noticed this fact yet.

    Anandi with Dadisa and Gehna
  • Dadisa scolds Anandi for thinking about such things and forbids her to mention this to Shiv.

    Dadisa scolds Anandi
  • Jagat appears for an interview at SNG hospital. He is offered the position of an assistant doctor and a lower pay. Jagat thinks about the offer and accepts it as he is jobless at the moment.

    Jagat appears for an interview
  • Mangal Singh is agitating against the canal project with other farmers and refusing to give his land for the project.He convinces the farmers that they are being given infertile land in exchange of their fertile land, hence they should not part with their lands, and the villagers agree.

    Farmers' agitation
  • Shiv and Anandi arrive with Ashima to the place where the agitation is taking place and try to reason with the farmers.

    Shiv and Anandi reach the farm
  • Shiv warns the farmers that he will have to deal with them legally if they do not part with their lands.

    Shiv warns the villagers
  • This warning leads to a confrontation between Shiv and Mangal Singh.

    Confrontattion between Shiv and Mangal Singh
  • Anandi intervenes and stops the argument from escalating. She reasons with Mangal Singh that the water problem in nearby villages is acute and their daughters have to suffer for lack of water.

    Anandi intervenes
  • She also assures the farmers that if they do not get compensation on time, she and Shiv will support them in their agitation against the canal project.The farmers are convinced and agree to sign the papers. Mangal Singh also apologizes to Anandi and Shiv for going back on his word

    Mangal Singh apologizes
  • Ashima asks Shiv if Anandi is a magician who dissolved the farmers' agitation in a flash and also got them to hand over their lands.

    Ashima and Shiv
  • Shiv also agrees that Anandi is indeed a magician and that he is convinced about it after seeing it with his own eyes. He adds that he now understands why Anandi commands so much respect in the village.

    Shiv looks at Anandi

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