Imam tries to destroy Padosi house! #Day 43 Recap

 November 20th, 2012

  • This is Imam lecturing Aashka on her body language.The morning in the mud house began with his gyaan sessions with Aashka and Dinesh. Though they listened patiently, Aashka lost her cool when Imam refused to listen to her, and carried on with his monologue.

    Imam's early morning gyaan
  • In the Bigg Boss house, the housemates were given the 'Shikari and Prani' luxury budget task where Urvashi, Rajev and Delnaaz would be hunters and the rest of them would be animals in cages.

    Watch how the housemates dressed up here!

    Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai!
  • Rajev, as usual, went overboard with his jokes on Niketan the elephant, making him angry. But the flash point came when Mink yelled at him when she got hurt by his whip. Rajev claimed innocence, and a lot of tears were shed by the girls as the fight escalated.

    Watch the fight here!

    Animal-man conflict!
  • During lunch time, Imam continued his rant against Aashka. Dinesh was pretty cool about it but Aashka couldn't help but reply to Imam's constant chant of 'Main game khelne aaya hoon'. Imam hit below the belt by imitating Aashka's crying, and Aashka responded by mocking his feminine way of talking!

    Immature Imam
  • Imam, not satisfied with his verbal antics, went a step further and put on a body suit. He also added a tiger scarf and growled at Dinesh for effect. He then proceed to contort his body in this weird outfit, which scared Aashka a lot.You have to watch his antics here! 

    Who's that?
  • If you look at this picture, you'll think that Imam is having a wonderful conversation with Bigg Boss. But the fact is, that Imam is having a one sided conversation with the mic, with no one on the other side of the line. Aashka and Dinesh just huddled together, waiting for his next move.

    Imam's monologue
  • Trying to be funny and playful, Imam hid all of Aashka's stuff under the bed. But he also told Aashka that he had done it, which lead to Aashka being displeased. But Imam was not fazed, and continued his 'playful' antics.

    Hide and Seek
  • Aashka, already annoyed by Imam's antics of covering the cameras and barging into the confession room, lost her cool when she saw all of her hidden stuff. She warned Imam about not touching any of her stuff and not coming near her in the house.

    Watch the confrontation here!

    The showdown
  • Aashka taunted Imam about his 'I'm playing a game' chant and this was the breaking point for Imam. He broke down and shed copious tears, demanding that he be let out of the Bigg Boss house at once. Aashka refused to apologize, and Imam created a scene in front of all the cameras.

    Imam breaks down
  • Imam declared that he would get an apology no matter what, and even after Aashka apologized, he went on a rampage, breaking pots and the dustbin in the garden area and locking Dinesh and Aashka inside. He also started banging the pans, which terrified Aashka.

    Imam gets violent
  • Aashka, terrified of all the drama that Imam was creating, rushed to the bathroom and tearfully told Bigg Boss that she was scared of Imam's abnormal behaviour and that he shouldn't be there. Let's hope that the rest of the night passed peacefully.

    Aashka is terrified!

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