Imam sweeps the Bigg Boss Awards! #Day 79, Recap

 December 26th, 2012

  • The day began on a bad day as the housemates were being deprived of gas and hot water supply. To add to their woes, Bigg Boss sent more clothes in two batches of 100, and declared that they could have their amenities back when they returned them. 

  • Without gas or water supply, the housemates were forced to satisfy their hunger pangs with the dry uncooked noodles that Karishma found in the kitchen. Little did she know, her good deed would have a nasty result.

  • Sapna demanded to know from Karishma why she didn't offer noodles to her. And despite Karishma's clarifications about not finding her, Sapna declared that Karishma was doing it on purpose, even yelling at Niketan when he tried to explain.

  • With their tempers frayed, Niketan and Imam had a spat when Niketan tried to dry the clothes that Imam had washed. Both of them taunted each other over interfering in each others' business, and Imam ended up warning Niketan to stay away from his work.

  • Karishma tried to placate an angry Sapna by offering her coffee and reiterating that she was important to her. Sapna accepted the apology and the coffee, but warned Karishma against Niketan. Niketan, on the other hand, ridiculed Karishma for her peace-making.

  • After a call from Bigg Boss, Urvashi took Niketan to the confession room where a delicious breakfast spread was waiting for them. They felt guilty about eating when the other housemates were hungry, but soon, they tucked in to their hearts' content. What did the rest of the housemates get? Bananas!

  • Finally after hours of washing, drying and ironing, Bigg Boss announced that the task was finally over. With the relief of the end of the task, was the anxiety of how much their luxury budget would be.

  • Bigg Boss surprised the housemates by sending in a cheerful Santa with personalized gifts for each housemate according to their performance in the task. The housemates got their favourite goodies, which made them very happy indeed.

  • Bigg Boss then announced that there would be an awards night where housemates would be awarded in 13 categories based on the votes they got. The housemates were pretty excited and hurriedly filled out their ballot papers.

  • Finally the awards night took off with Imam's performance and some surprise awards. Niketan wasn't expecting to win the 'Biggest gossip monger' of Bigg Boss. To see who won in which category, click here!

  • What award ceremony is complete without a dance performance? Sana Khan rocked the stage with her performance on 'Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast'. Her audience clapped and cheered, and it was certainly the highlight of the evening. Watch Sana's performance here!

  • After the awards function, Niketan was angry with Imam for keeping a milk carton in the ice tray. Imam didn't listen to Niketan when he tried explaining, and Niketan, in anger, went out and threw all of Imam's sashes on the ground.

  • Imam wasn't fazed by Niketan's actions, and went on to declare that he was plain jealous. He also showed Bigg Boss a photo of his father, and said that just as his father won awards for hockey, he too was proud of all the awards that he had won in the Bigg Boss.

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