Imam Siddique threatened to go NUDE!

 November 21st, 2012

  • Imam Siddique made a sizzling entry into the Bigg Boss house and promised us a lot of entertainment. But, he had to be evicted from the padosi ghar last night due to his violent behaviour.


    We give you a lowdown of all the crazy stuff he did in the house to scare and surprise the other 2 housemates - Aashka & Nirahua!

    Imam's promising entry
  • While most of us were expecting to see Imam as the funniest contestant in the padosi house, much to everyone's surprise, it turned out to be exactly opposite.


    The body language expert said that he wants to provoke everyone so that he can bring out their true colours. Moreover, he also said that he's here to play the game and win it. 

    Watch it here!

    Day 1 begins with Imam's unruly behaviour
  • Imam kept taunting Aashka on how she should not talk while eating and was also seen imitating her cry-baby behaviour and he said..."Main toh tum logon ko jhel rahan hoon'


    Imam and Aashka get into a heated arguement
  • He went around the house in a body suit and irritated Aashka & Nirahua with his crazy antics. Both, Aashka and Nirahua were embarrassed to see him in this costume and shocked by antics.

    Must watch!

    His next embarrassing move
  • He tied a horrifying lion scarf on his face and also started roaring like one! This left Aashka and Nirahua disgusted. See how they reacted to this!


    And then it got worse!
  • He went into the confession room and started pretending as if Bigg Boss was talking to him. Woah, this one was actually funny! This casting director is definitely a good actor ;)



    Nautanki continues
  • Must say, Imam was taking this 'game' a bit to seriously. He messed up with Aashka's stuff and tried to hide them which aggrevated her anger and provoked her to speak up.


    Right after their big clash, Imam reacted in the most unpredictable manner.

    See what happened.

    The big brawl
  • Like our daily soap queens say, when nothing else works, start crying! Yes, Imam did the same thing right after his brawl with Aashka. Imam though Aashka went personal and demanded an apology or else he would leave the show.

  • And when rona-dhona also doesn't work, switch to tod-phod! When Aashka tried to sort out the issue, he locked Nirahua & Aashka and banged their door. He continuously made noise throughout the night...sometimes by breaking things around him and sometimes by banging the utensils!


    Our wild card entry had actually gone wild.

  • The situation went out of control. He threatened to go nude and just then our Bigg Boss crew had to step in the house to speak to him but nothing worked!

    He strips!!
  • The crew gave up! He had to be evicted on the grounds of violent behaviour and disrespect towards woman. Just before he left the house, he went to the confession room and said that "Main sharminda hoon"


    Wondering what made him do all this! But I am sure this definitely entertained most of our viewers...He's probably the Dolly Bindra or KRK of this season, agree?

    Goodbye, Imam!

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