Imam abuses, then disappears! #Day 87, Recap

 January 3rd, 2013

  • The day started on a bad note as Imam dropped Sapna's plate of breakfast. While everyone tut-tutted over Imam's act, Imam himself blamed the plate's precarious position for the fall. Rajev got upset as he thought Imam was pointing fingers at him.

  • Why is Imam displaying these rotis? And not just any rotis, the ones he picked out from the dustbin. Imam raised hell over food being wasted and kept interrogating everyone about who threw away the rotis. Not just that, he also claimed that he would eat the rotis!

    Imam has an issue
  • When Imam chided Sana for throwing away the rotis, Sana retorted that the rotis had gone bad and there were insects crawling on them so they had to be thrown away. But Imam wanted to prove to the cameras that they were still edible, leading to a stand-off

    Sana's point
  • Rajev entered the scene, demanding to know what the issue was. Imam tried lecturing him about the evils of food wastage, but as usual, Rajev and Imam's talk quickly degenerated into a big fight, with the choicest of abuses that we can't mention here.

    Watch the ugly fight here!

    The Big Fight!
  • After the housemates managed to separate Imam and Rajev, Delnaaz came out and screamed at Rajev to get his act together. She said that Imam was playing him, and if Rajev would've hit him, that would mean an instant exit for Rajev. Everyone else, too, added their own words of advice.

    Scream 2
  • Later, Imam decided that he wanted an apology from Rajev for all his abuses. He asked Niketan to convey the message and even told Rajev to apologize quickly. When all else failed, he gave 'hidaayat' to Sana to get her friend (Rajev) to apologize.

    Imam's demand
  • Imam went inside the store room when the buzzer went off but instead of finding any goodies, he found 2 masked men waiting to pounce on him. They blindfolded Imam and took him away, all while he was asking them not to get physical with him! 

    Find out where Imam was taken!

    Imam kidnapped
  • When Imam didn't return from the store room, Sapna went to look for him. But sadly, she had to announce that he had vanished, much to the housemates' surprise. Everyone had different theories, but most of them thought that he had been evicted.

    Where is Imam?
  • Rajev, who had had a big fight with Imam just hours earlier, looked the happiest about Imam's disappearance. He sang songs and joked about his eviction. Little did he know, Imam was watching his every move from the secret room.

    Relieved Rajev
  • In this happy atmosphere, the housemates also got a reprimand from Bigg Boss about failing the 'Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar' task miserably, and getting no luxury budget. Everyone immediately launched into discussions about all the fights making the task impossible.

    Task failed
  • The housemates were given another task, to pose for a calendar shoot with different housemates depicting various moods in the house. The housemates had a lot of fun dressing up, and posing for the camera.

    Watch the photosession here.

  • Later in the day, Rajev went into the store-room when the buzzer went off and then the store room door was locked. Imam prayed that Rajev, too would be blindfoled and brought out, but Bigg Boss unlocked the door, revealing that he had just played a prank on the housemates!

    Store-room again
  • With Imam gone, the rest of the housemates could breathe easy. And they used this time to make fun of him, especially Rajev, who used Candy the teddy bear to make fun of Imam's weird antics, like the 'Time out' episode. Everyone had a good laugh over it, except Imam who was watching them on TV.

    Fun times
  • The happy mood continued with the display of the calendar shoot that they had done earlier. While most of the photos got a good review, Delnaaz immediately said 'Next!' when her photo with Rajev was displayed, causing everyone to burst into laughter!

    Calendar on display

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