I'll slap everyone except Dinesh: Vrajesh Hirjee

 December 11th, 2012

  • In a candid Live Chat with his fans, Vrajesh answered some of the most controversial questions about the show and gives insight about the housemates. Read on for some of the highlights of the chat!

  •   User: If you are made Bigg Boss for a day and allowed to slap and clap, whom will you slap and for whom u will clap? Vrajesh: Dinesh ko chhodke sab aayen confession room main and i'll slap them! And will clap for Dinesh!

  •   User: Are you ready for doing another show like this, where all the basic comforts are taken away from you and you have to live in a house away from the normal world?? Vrajesh: Everyone needs bank balance! If you are talking about the Padosi house, Yes!If it's about dignity, i'll leave!

  •   User: Whos really fake in the house? Fake as in crossed the limits. Vrajesh: Imam is fake. He has crossed all limits. I cant decide who is fake and who is not. 'Kisko kaiser patthar maaru. Sab apne hai. Sheesh mahal main har chehra apna lagta hai.

  •   User: Sabse accha game kaun khel raha h ghar mein? Vrajesh: Niketan bohot smart game khel raha hai. but without hurting anyone!

  •   User: What can you say about Sapna? Do you think she is overreacting? Is she really a "Phattu"? Vrajesh: Wo mere Sapne main na aaya..bohot bura sapna tha. 6 weeks she said I want to go home! But, we all by now know that she wants to win but wont say it outright. She's a phattu. She'll yell till you listen but will run away when confronted.

  •   User: Say something about Imam! You think he's changed in the Bigg Boss House now? What difference did you see after he entered the modern house? Vrajesh: Imam itni baar change hue hai ki I dont think he knows what is then and now. He used to change every 10 minutes, even his clothes and his personality. He became calm when he knew there was strength in numbers in the Bigg house. He keeps instigating Rajev and thats a game on another level. He's very sharp!

  • To know more secrets of the Bigg house, Watch vrajes's Video transcripts.

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