Ignorance is Bliss? #Day 51, Recap

 November 29th, 2012

  • The day started with Imam dressed as a Sufi taking circles in front of the camera at seven in the morning while the housemates were fast asleep in the Padosi Ghar! 

  • While the Padosi Ghar was alive with Imam's acts, Housemates in the Bigg house wake up to another day of surprise. Read on to know what!

  • To everyone's surprise or rather prediction, Imama apologized to all the housemates for previous night's behaviour. But!

  • ...but, it didn't take him even an hour to pick up another fight with the housemates as he provoked Nirahua by calling him a taxi driver and shouting at the camera complaining about him! 

  • After sometime, Nirahua lost his cool and gave it back to Imam in a verbal spat. The retaliation backfired as Imam started getting even hyper and even enterd the confession room without being called. Considering the situation, Bigg Boss asked Nirahua to stay calm and assured that something will be done about this problem soon!

  • Bigg boss gave another chance to the housemates to win the Luxury budget by giving a unique task to Ignore the obvious! Few guests were sent in who turned the house upside down!

  • As a part of the task, Bigg Boss invited the famous comedian, Bharti Singh to tickle some funny bones. Housemates were unable to control their laughter but tried their best not to give-up... Take a look!

  • Finally the moment arrived when Ashka and Padosi Gharwale started breathing easy! Imam was instructed by Bigg Boss to leave the house. What a Birthday gift Aashka!

  • Call it a birthday celebration or Imam's farewel treat, but Bigg Boss did make Aashka's day by sending in some Kheer especially for her through none other than her self confessed admirer, Santosh!

  • The task wasn't yet over and Bigg Boss called for Sana. While she was talking about what she felt about the task, something spooky happened! 

  • After some time of stirring the house with his charade on, Bigg Boss announced that the task was over and asked the housemates to welcome the new guest in the house!

  • As soon as Imam removed his scary scarf, Delnaaz and Sapna jumped in excitement and hugged him. Evevryone was excited to see Imam as he amused them with his mannerisms but at the same time he created a certain kind of fear in some people's head...

  • Imam made it very clear in the begining that he was there to play the game and  nobody should ofended if he nominates them. 

  • Just before hitting the bed, Imam tells Sapna that he had been through some harrowing time which he will only discuss once they are out!

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