I had Prayed for Urvashi: Imam

 January 18th, 2013

  • Imam Siddique, while on a Live Web chat with his fans answered some interesting questions. Let's take a look at some of them!

  • arun5559: Hi imam you are a superb entertainer my question is, are u really a gay?  Imam: Ek zamaane main mujhe lagta tha ki main gay hoon. Maybe, Iam a gay, maybe I am bisexual and maybe I am ‘try sexual’. I’ll like to do anything sexual with anyone whose EQ and IQ matches with me. Main apna Swayamvar rachana chahta hoon. Whether you're gay, single, divorced, men, women, etc I have no problems. I’ll come to every corner of the world and have a relationship with every one of you who wants to!

  • Ab-1973: Describe the following in one word each- 1. Urvashi. 2. Delnaaz. 3. Ashka. 4. Sana. 5. Sapna. Imam: Urvashi-winner, Delnaz-loser, Aashka-wannabe. Rest of them- a band of vagabonds

  • Ankur Arora: Hello Imam!! Congrats for being the first runner-up. Kya aap ko lagta hai ki Urvashi ek deserving winner hai? Imam: Main yakeen ke saath keh sakta hoon ki she deserved to win. I had prayed for her!  

  •   Bobbycat 0921: Why did you always pick on Rajeev? Is Rajeev really so stupid and annoying? Imam: I wasn’t picking on Rajev. That loser was picking on me! Jab Anushka Sharma aayi thi, tab unhone bola ki unhe mujhse dar lagta hai..I have met her before and I don’t know why she behaved that way  

  •   Dhanajay: Pehle to Sapna apke khilaaf baate kar rai thi lekin fir achanak esa kya hua ki aap dono fir dost ban gaye? Sapna ke bare me apki kya raay hai? Imam: Sapna jaise mujhe pehli martaba mili thi mujhe laga ki wo waise hi hai. I didnt know usse insomnia hai. To subah subah unka bhaav alag tha and I was shining. We used to talk till night. Jab maine unhe greet kiya tab unhone mujhe whatever kar diya to mujhe laga ki inse bachke rehna chahiye. Jab Salman ne poochha ki sabse fake kaun hai, so I said Sapna!  

  • Ruturaj Kole: Are you super religious? That would explain your philosophies about life. Imam: Religion is a platform jahan se aap spirituality par jaa sakte hai. Main Sufi hoon and aur bairaagi hoon. I have no issues being a normal fakir too. Mujhe bas Banswada jaake institution banana hai taaki mera karma badle. 

  •   Shreya Sharma: Is Niketan your enemy? Imam: He's not worthy of a mention. He's from the depths of hell...I am not interested in such people who are 'manimals'    

  • To watch Imam answer some more interesting questions in his signature style,  Click now!

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