How Roli danced to the Angreji Beat!

 November 24th, 2012

  • Roli, in her attempt to use Veeru against Khushi, was ready to go all out to impress him. She and Manoranjan hatched a plan to show Roli's wilder side to Veeru.

  • It was makeover time for Roli as they entered a store to buy some hep clothes for Roli to wear...

  • This is Roli's version of a trendy outfit. Really now. She wore a pink anarkali and tied her hair back in a loose plait. Manoranjan wasn't convinced, and neither were we.

  • When Manoranjan took matters into her own hands, things got a little better. First, a little foundation for Roli's pretty face...

  • After the foundation, a little blush to bring a glow to the cheeks...

  • While her make-up was being done, another girl attended to Roli's long, lustrous hair. And we're sure taming that mane would have been quite a task.

  • What's a makeover without some smoky eye make up? Roli gets a hint of kohl and mascara to make her eyes look sexy and mysterious. After all, she'll not get many chances to impress Veeru!

  • Now came the turn of Roli's pouty lips. Just a hint of pretty pink lipstick, and she's done!

  • This is how Roli's eyes looked after the beauticians were done with her. And gone is the usual bindi on her forehead!

  • This is Roli's first look when she came to the club that Veeru was in. Doesn't she look smashing?

  • Not just the look, Roli perfected the attitude too. Dressed in a blue and black dress, she took to the dance floor and grooved to 'Angreji Beat' like a pro. No wonder Veeru thought that it was just a fantasy of his come true! Watch Roli's club outing here!

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