Housemates step out to shop! #Day 45 Recap

 November 22nd, 2012

  • Vishal and Sapna are seen discussing about how much fun the luxury budget task was. After a fun filled conversation, Vishal started talking about how he wants to stand for captaincy in the upcoming elections.

    Vishal wants to be the next Captain
  • Karishma is seen requesting Vishal not to nominate her this coming week as she wants to be captain as well.

    Karishma wants to contest too!
  • Urvashi is seen talking to Vishal and Karishma about Vishal’s previous luxury budget shopping experience. Urvashi mocks Vishal’s inability to calculate, to which Vishal responds by saying he was a college topper for three straight years. Urvashi continues to make fun of his math skills.

    Urvashi bullies newbies!
  • After sometime, Urvashi and Niketan are seen bitching about Vishal and his high hopes of becoming a captain in the coming week. Niketan stands firm and says that Vishal does not deserve to be a captain so soon. 

    Urvashi thinks Vishal is desperate
  •  Karishma then approaches Niketan to discuss her desire to become captain in the coming week. Karishma explains how Vishal also wants to become captain and seeks Niketan’s advice. 

    Karishma seeks advice
  • Aashka & Nirahua get to watch the shikari task performed by the housemates in the old house recently. Aashka watches the video and bitches about Rajev and Urvashi’s annoying and dominating nature respectively. 

    Padosi Housemates have the last laugh!
  • Bigg Boss assembles all the housemates in the living area and asks them to choose one person mutually who according to them contributed the least to the luxury budget task. After some discussion, the housemates name Vishal as the one who contributed the least.

    And Vishal bears the brunt...
  • Rajev brainwashes Sana by hinting how her so called good friend Vishal has turned tables and started becoming friendly with Karishma. 

    Rajev tries to influence Sana
  • Simultaneously Karishma and Vishal are seen lying down on the bed and having an intense conversation!

    Secret talks!
  • Sana is seen telling Delnaaz about how Karishma and Niketan are planning to stand for captain elections. Delnaaz gets defensive and says that she will also stand for elections if she gets a chance to keep it competitive.

    Everybody wants to be the next Captain!
  • Karishma then approaches Mink for advice regarding standing for captaincy. Mink motivates her and tells her to stop thinking so much and stand for captaincy.

    Karishma seeks advice...yet again!
  • Vishal and Karishma are two lucky contestants who get an opportunity to go luxury budget shopping to an actual shopping mall, outside the Bigg Boss house premises!

    And the two lucky housemates are...
  • Both of them are blind folded and taken to hyper city mall Vashi with just a driver and a cameraman in a car taped black all over to restrict their visibility and maintain secrecy. 

    Adventurous shopping for the two!
  • The contestants are taken inside a supermarket and are given two minutes to shop whatever they can from a few restricted sections only. There were cameras following all their moves. Watch the fastest shopping marathon right here!

    Get Set Go!
  • After a bag full of shopping Vishal and Karishma return to the Bigg Boss house at about 2:30 am. Most of the housemates wake up when the duo arrives and celebrate and congratulate them for being more than successful this time! 

    And the Heroes return!

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