Housemates reunited with family! #Day 84, Recap

 December 31st, 2012

  • The episode began with Sana and Sapna's heated discussion about the open nominations. Sana was still angry at Sapna for not making up after a fight. The argument lead to a high pitched fight, which ended with Sapna storming off.

  • After Sapna left, Sana broke down and defended herself in front of the rest of the housemates while they tried to console her. Sapna, too, cried in front of the camera, asking Bigg Boss to evict her.

  • The next morning, Sana and Rajev spoke about how Sapna was the most negative person in the house. When Delnaaz came into the picture, Rajev teased her not to disturb Sana and him, earning a reprimand from Delnaaz!

  • In the evening, Niketan's mother came to the confession room, surprising her son and the other housemates. She was given a special power to nominate one housemate, and she chose Imam. After which, mother and son had an emotional reunion. Cute!

  • Next up was Delnaaz's mother, who nominated Rajev and Urvashi. Not just that, she also lashed out at her ex-son in law Rajev, who she called a failure. Delnaaz went in and told her mother that all was well, and that seemed to calm Mrs. Irani down a bit. Watch it here!

  • Rakesh Paul, Rajev's brother, introduced himself as Delnaaz's ex-brother in law and nominated Urvashi and Sapna. Rajev ran to meet and Rakesh gave him an update about the outside world.

  • Urvashi's mother nominated Delnaaz and Sapna, but did not offer any explanation for her choice. Urvashi also went in to meet her, and couldn't stop hugging and kissing her mother. 

  • Imam's younger brother nominated Urvashi and Rajev for their behaviour towards Imam. An emotional Imam went into the confession room and hugged his brother, and tearfully told Bigg Boss that he was his favourite!

  • Sapna's manager came for the nominations, and named Urvashi and Sana. Sapna went and jumped on her in her characteristic style, and also apologized to her manager for dragging her into the game.

  • Sana's mother, who was ill, made an appearance and immediately brought tears to Sana's eyes. She nominated Sapna and Urvashi, and finally Sana went in to meet her. Sana hugged her mother and stayed for a while, and both of them made for a very pretty family picture.

  • Finally, Bigg Boss announced that Imam, Delnaaz, Urvashi and Sapna were nominated for this week. Rajev gloated about the fact that he was safe for another week, to everyone's amusement.

  • Rajev later sat Delnaaz down and criticized the way her mother spoke about him. He also threatened to sue Delnaaz and her family for character assassination, making Delnaaz get up and leave the conversation.

  • Raja Chaudhary, Bigg Boss season-2 contestant, entered the house, but by scaling the boundary walls! He claimed that he was a fan of Sana and had come for her. An embarrassed Sana didn't know where to look as Raja Chaudhary tried to woo her.

  • Just as Raja was getting settled, in came a blindfolded Ashutosh, winner of Bigg Boss Season-2 and presented Sana with a teddy bear. He was pretty straightforward and asked Sana how she wanted to be wooed, much to Raja's irritation.

  • Sana's third suitor was none other than the common man Kashif Qureshi, who looked very happy to be back in the house. He hugged all the housemates, and swept Sana off her feet, quite literally! 

  • After a lot of fun and after embarrassing Sana to the hilt, her three suitors left the house after saying their goodbyes. 

  • After everyone went inside the house, Sana accused Rajev of behaving oddly with her. Rajev refuted the claims, and assured her that it was only because he had had a bad day (because of the nominations) and they continued talking late into the night.

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