Housemates get a reality check! #Day 73, Recap

 December 20th, 2012

  • The day began on a painful note for Imam as he tumbled down from a chair early in the morning. What can we say Imam, this is just the start of your miseries

  • Bigg Boss announced a task where all the housemates could voice their problems or anger against Imam, Surprisingly, Imam was the happiest on hearing about this!

  • Looks like the housemates were waiting for a chance to vent their frustration against Imam, and they jumped at this opportunity. Imam's deeds were criticized in detail, and Rajev even threatened to thrash him! Watch the drama here!

  • Imam apologized at first, but went silent for the rest of the task. But he broke down when Aashka and Urvashi hugged him, and had to be consoled by the girls. 

  • Bigg Boss then announced the 'Sach Ka Bol Baala' task.Rajev, Delnaaz, Niketan and Aashka had to answer a series of questions that would be analysed by 'layered voice analysis' to check if the answers were true or false. 

  • Rajev was the first to go, and he did not fare too well. His attraction to Sana and his plotting against Vishal were revealed. But Rajev refused to answer questions related to Delnaaz, which made the atmosphere pretty uncomfortable. Watch Rajev on the hot seat here!

  • Next came Delnaaz's turn, and it was all fun and games till Bigg Boss asked her if she still loved Rajev. Delnaaz broke down, and a tearful Rajev had to console her. In the end, she refused to answer the question.

  • The test was a big disaster for Niketan. 3 of his answers turned out to be false, and he also upset Karishma when he said that she didn't deserve to be in the game, and that she made friends only for her benefit. Watch Niketan's test here!

  • Aashka seemed pretty comfortable when she faced the questions. But the LOL moment came when it was disclosed that she was attracted to girls too, and all eyes turned towards Sana!  Watch Aashka's confessions here!

  • Niketan had some explaining to do for his accusations about Karishma, and he tried to convince Karishma that he didn't speak against her. But Karishma was unimpressed, stressing the fact that they were Niketan's opinions and not the truth.

  • Doesn't Aashka look like the cat who got the cream? That's because Bigg Boss declared that she was the most truthful housemate, and revoked the ban on her captaincy as a reward! On the other hand, Niketan was declared the liar in the task.

  • After Rajev's answers about Sana, an angry Vishal talked to Sana about how he had warned her against Rajev earlier. Sana kept assuring him that Rajev hadn't bad-mouthed Vishal, but Vishal was in no mood to listen.

  • But as the lights went out, the tension seemed to reduce and Sana and Vishal were seen flirting with each other in the dark.  Watch it here!

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