Housemates face twists, turns and stretchers! #Day 63, Recap

 December 10th, 2012

  • Vishal and Sapna have a small argument over keeping the sun bed near the pool instead of the gym area. Vishal dislikes Sapna’s comments and confirms that he will not move it until Bigg Boss asks him to. He is seen discussing the same with Sana and Nirahua and both urge him to not argue in return

  • Imam was seen arranging the vegetarian food in the kitchen counter. He dropped the dal and a few rotis on the floor. On seeing this, Rajev and Karishma gave him an earful and told him to stay away from things unnecessarily.

  • Niketan was seen here giving his expert opinion to Rajev, advised him to nominate Delnaaz. Watch the full conversation here.

  • Imam flaunts about winning 5 lacs for the being the best entertainer and thanks his audience. Housemates make fun of him for a while but then get irritated. 

  • Delnaaz expresses her concern and requests Imam to stop wearing colorful and act like a stud instead. Imam reacts and confesses that he is stil lconfused about his preferences and expresses that he feels for men more these days. Karishma and Delnaaz tell him to start a family etc. Imam walks away and says he will explain his side of the story in detail some other time. Watch this conversation right here!

  • Bigg Boss calls Sapna in confession room and asks her to conduct the nominations in garden area. Each housemate woudl have to give her two names with reason. You can watch the full nominations here

  • After the nominations are conducted, Bigg Boss announced the twist  that this time around the housemates with the least number of votes will be nominated instead of the usual. The housemates are shell shocked and split into laughter on hearing this unforeseen twist.

  • Rajev, Urvash iand Imam get the highest votes in nominatiosn and are safe from eviction due to the twist. To make it interesting, Sapna is asked to read reasons given for these three and they have to guess who nominated them by the reason. 

  • Rajev, who got 4 votes in total, feels bad when he gets to know that Delnaaz is one of those four who voted for him. You can watch this Pehchaan Kaun task right here!

  • Sana seems to have caught on some allergy which has made her itchy and when Aashka warns her to stop Sana snaps at her in frustration. The latter feels bad but later the two make up.

  • Its been ages we feel that Vishal has gotten up from his sunbed and seeing that he isn't ready to move an inch Bigg Boss decided to do something about it once and for all. He gathered the Housemates and showed them the various times Vishal was found lazying in sunbed and then sent a stretcher for him to sleep on and has been asked not to get up unless Bigg Boss says so. Watch this amusing punishment here!

  • Delnaaz was seen talking to Aashka about how Rajev has stopped talking to her post their spat in front of Salman Khan and exclaims how fake Rajev’s love was.

  • Vishal was seen talking to Dinesh about his relation with Sana. He confesses that he likes her but she isn't his girlfriend and it has been only two months that they have met. But he likes her for sure! Confused na? Watch him only confess in this video!

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