Gulal takes on a vicious shade! #Recap, Bigg Boss Day 31

 November 8th, 2012

  • The day began with tension as the rebels had very less time to complete their mission. Even after the drill siren rang, Sidhu decided that he would not risk going out and stayed glued to his room, which the rebel gang strongly opposed.

  • After a while, Sidhu did get out of his room, but only to use the Captain's washroom. Urvashi and Rajev snuck into the girls' room and ambushed Sana, while Sidhu ran to the loo. It was all very funny, though the rebel team didn't look too happy.

  • Since morning, Sapna looked pretty miffed with Sidhu for his tactics. She finally voiced her anger by telling him that he was not practising his preaching of 'Jo Darr Gaya Wo Mar Gaya'. Sidhu had no explanation for Sapna's questions, but Urvashi did mumble against her to Sidhu.

  • Niketan snuck into the girls' room and tried to put gulaal on Delnaaz. But Sana overpowered him and coloured Niketan. He took revenge by grabbing Sana and rubbing her with gulaal. While it was all fun and games, Sapna took it too far by dousing him with gulaal water, accompanied with many colourful abuses. Watch the gulal war here!

  • On the other hand, Vrajesh and Mink were placing bets on who would make it to the final. Mink felt that Aashka was playing a great game by faking goodness. Vrajesh, too, agreed and both of them concluded that GMM would stay till the end.

  • Sidhu's jawans were pulling their Major's leg, when Bigg Boss announced another task. Sidhu had to plant a sapling in front of the house. The team immediately tensed up as that meant exposing Sidhu to the rebels, who would try to win the task.

  • As soon as Sidhu came out, the rebels tried to attack him with gulal. Urvashi charged at Sapna a little too aggressively, who in turn sprayed gulal water into Urvashi's ears. This angered Urvashi who yelled at Sapna. It soon turned into a shouting match with Sapna insulting everyone from Sidhu's team, even calling Urvashi a 'bhains'

  • Sapna accused the guys on Sidhu's team of attacking girls. Urvashi was furious and loudly demanded to know who had been touched inappropriately. All attempts to calm her down failed and she even screamed at one of the cameras against Sapna's behaviour.Watch it here! 

  • After calling everything from a coward to 'Aap mere liye mar gaye!', Sapna apologized to Sidhu. She cried that she was genuinely hurt that the people that Sidhu was supporting were bitching about him. Sidhu immediately accepted her apology, giving her a warm hug, too!

  • Later Bigg Boss announced that the task had ended and the rebel team had won. But because of some mistakes, they would have only 2 minutes in which Vrajesh could pick up luxury items worth Rs. 1000. Vrajesh panicked a lot, but in the end came out successful.

  • The girls got together in Aashka's room and warned Sidhu about Urvashi and Niketan who had spoken the worst about him behind his back. Sapna called Niketan a snake, whereas Aashka broke down, saying she was hurt about Urvashi's behaviour.

  • The housemates got together to sort matters out. But it turned out to be an excuse for another fight between Niketan and Sapna about Niketan putting gulal on her, resulting in Sapna's walk out. Later, Sana too, objected to Niketan's sarcastic English tutorial, and walked out after Sapna.

  • After the fights, Urvashi went on a make-up spree. She cleared things up with Aashka, who hated the fact that Urvashi was siding with Niketan. In the night, Urvashi crept up to Sidhu and asked him to have faith in her, and promised to keep the house together. Now how is that going to happen?

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