Filmy style romance in Madhubala

 December 8th, 2012

  • RK brings Madhu on his sets and he seems to have another round of Karwa Chauth rituals on his mind, but our Madhu is unaware

  • To satiate Madhu's curiosity, RK switches on the lights and Madhu is more than happy to see the beautiful surroundings!

  • Now as this is Karwa Chauth Part 2 and its going to be filmy so prop number 1. food is ready on table

  • Prop number.2: a fake moon is also ready to be beamed at.

  • But how can Madhu see the moon directly? RK blocks her view and asks her to be patient and wait for the rituals to begin 

  • Now that the props are ready, Madhu opens her eyes and sees the fake moon. 

  • And the nthe focus shifts on to Pati RK. Total filmy style!

  • Next rasam: To drink water from your Pati's hand. Madhu does it diligently

  •  RK even lecutred Madhu on how he is now Pati Parmeshwar, meaning he can now say "Oh Me" instead of  "Oh God". Well, looking at RK's dimpled cheeks all we like to say is Oh My!

  • In order to feed Madhu, RK makes her bite a bar of chocolate. 

  • After the rituals are completed, RK switches on the radio and asks Madhu for a dance. Will the lady say yes?

  • Of course Madhu said yes, who wouldn't? The couple is now in position and on comes the music! Watch the drama right here!

  • The moment the radio comes it croons the song "Daadi Amma"? Madhu breaks into laughter while RK stands amused and embarassed1 

  • Madhu moves on to the bench laughing uncontrollably while RK is probably enjoying this and wondering what has gotten into his Biwi!

  • Laughter stops and the moment intensifies...Both stare at each other longingly and seems like the cupid has finally struck! Watch the next episode on Monday to see where this moment leads to, till the catch a sneak peek right here!

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