Fevicol Friday with Kareena! #Day 53, Recap

 December 1st, 2012

  • The audiences got to see Salman's Dabangg style after a long time as he burst on to the stage on the tunes of 'Hud Hud Dabangg'. Salman announced that he was suffering from viral fever. But his performance made that very hard to believe.

  • Salman showed how Karishma, Vishal and Mink made fun of Imam by imitating his 'Nataraj dance'. Karishma's imitation of Imam had the others in splits, and it was the first time that we saw Karishma this animated!

  • After teasing Niketan about his diet, Salman immediately turned to Imam and asked him about his entry. Imam immediately said that the welcome that he was given made him feel humbled and happy. But the housemates thought otherwise...

  • Angry at Imam about his behaviour, Rajev spoke up in front of Salman about how Imam started intimidating them and spreading negative vibes. He accused him of not standing by his words as he spoke about Sapna to Mink behind her back.

  • We were shown Imam and Mink's late night talks where Mink explained to Imam how his intimidation was back-firing. After Urvashi, Mink seems to have taken over the job of mentoring Imam. Good luck with that!

  • Later, Sapna was given a box with a note inside which said that since Sapna was the most entertaining housemate this week, she was given a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh. Sapna yelled and danced around promised a treat to everyone!

  • When Salman asked Urvashi about Delnaaz's emotional speech, she not just repeated it word for word, she also made fun of Delnaaz's tears. Though it was very entertaining, Rajev, Sapna and Delnaaz didn't seem too pleased.

  • Looks like Rajev had decided to take Imam's case. When a caller asked him a question about surviving in Bigg Boss, Rajev took this opportunity to lambast Imam's over-confidence, and challenged him to survive in the house.

  • Even after Vishal's justification about his failure in the task, Sapna still declared that she thought Vishal had zero sporting spirit because of which they failed.

  • After this weekly review, Salman came to serious matters and declared that Urvashi was safe from eviction. Mink hugged Urvashi happily, but Sana and Vishal did look tensed.

  • After building the suspense about eviction, Salman called in Kareena, who entered in a shimmering gown and danced to 'Desi Beat'. Kareena announced that since she was the favourite of all Khans, she was changing her name to Kareena Kapoor-Khan!

  • Kareena and Salman then unveiled the first look of Kareena's first item appearance since her wedding- 'Fevicol' in Dabangg. Watch the first look here!

  • Salman and Kareena had a lot of fun on the sets, with Salman teasing Kareena about marrying the wrong Khan and becoming bolder after her marriage. Kareena replied that she had become 'Dabangg' after working with him!

  • Kareena then announced that Vishal was the one who would have to leave the Bigg Boss house. Vishal hugged everyone good bye, and surprisingly, Imam gave him the warmest farewell!

  • Salman then welcomed Vishal on the stage. Vishal seemed pretty happy to be there, and when Salman asked him about what he'd like to do, he said 'Party'! Little does he know Salman has other plans for him.

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