Farah, Imam and a raid surprise housemates! #Day 88, Recap

 January 4th, 2013

  • The day started with the housemates making fun of Imam. Niketan put his foot near the food, something that Imam hates. The housemates had a good laugh over it, unaware that Imam, too, was watching.

    Happy start
  • In the secret room, Bigg Boss asked Imam to go back to the main house, but Imam threw a fit, refusing to go back. He cried in front of Bigg Boss, saying that he didn't want to meet the liars again and begged to be let home.

    Imam in tears
  • Delnaaz attempted to talk to Rajev once again about his relationship with Sana, but the conversation quickly descended into a blame game, with both parties bad-mouthing each others' families, and Delnaaz bursting into tears.

    Fight again!
  • Urvashi had walked in on Delnaaz and Rajev's fight, and that prompted her to talk to Delnaaz about it. She sternly asked Delnaaz not to be hypocritical about not caring not bothering about Rajev on one hand and interfering in his life on the other. Wise words, Urvashi!

    Urvashi Mata
  • Imam finally made up his mind about returning to the main house. And, boy, did he enter with an attitude! He ignored all the greetings and warned the housemates that he had seen their real faces and the real game had begun now.

    And he's back!
  • Imam was in a pissed mood for a very long time, and said that he would pay back everyone for what they had said about him in his absence. He also rebuffed Sapna when she attempted to calm him down, with a rude 'Time Out, Sapna!'

    Time out Sapna!
  • Sapna suddenly turned diplomat and calmed Imam down, and asked him to be the bigger person inspite of all the taunts. Imam did calm down, but when Sapna tried to make peace between Urvashi and Imam, she failed as Urvashi said that she'll deal with Imam in the outside world!

    Sapna the peacemaker
  • The housemates got a happy surprise in the evening as Farah Khan, a self-confessed Bigg Boss fan, walked in. She pulled Rajev's leg about his flirting with Sana. But the biggest shock came when she confessed to having a huge crush on Imam many years ago!

    Watch the whole story here.

    Farah is here!
  • Farah Khan then declared that she would be taking auditions and gave the housemates themes for their performance. Farah, tongue firmly in cheek, asked Rajev and Sana to perform to the song 'Ek Hazaaron Main Meri Behna Hai', leading to laughter all around!

    To watch all the fun auditions, click here!

    Oh, the irony!
  • After all the brilliant (?) performances, Farah declared the results. Sana and Delnaaz were adjudged the best for their 'Ek Chutki Sindoor' act. Rajev, too, got some rave reviews. But Sana was the happiest when Farah said that many producers were waiting to sign her up!

    The result
  • Just as the housemates were getting settled down after Farah's exit, a gang of men entered the house and started taking apart the furniture and the cooking utensils. Before the housemates could react, more than half of the things in the house were packed and taken away. Why? Watch this to know!

    Raid party
  • While the rest of the household was busy adjusting to the house after the raid, Imam had something else on his mind. He stuck Rajev's name on a wooden stick, and floated it down the swimming pool, humming a song all the while. Oh Imam!

    Imam's antics

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