Eviction and nominations rock the house!- #Day 66

 December 13th, 2012

  • The day started on a fun note with all the housemates dancing to the alarm song. But Imam and Sapna clashed soon, when Sapna instructed Imam to clear the mattresses. Imam retorted that he didn't do it and to check her facts, leading to a spat

  • On the other hand, Dinesh was up to his antics again as he tried to woo Karishma by staring at her without blinking and pretending to fall down because of her beauty. Needless to say, Karishma was embarrassed.

  • To make matters worse, Imam gave him a very colourful kaftan which made him look like a magician.Santosh walked around the house, shocking everyone, but the worst part was when he tried to corner Karishma. The result? An irritated Karishma shooed him away!

  • There was a surprising makeover in store as Aashka allowed Sapna to chop off her long locks. After a lot of nervous squealing, Aashka finally got a super stylish bob, which everyone loved!

  • Urvashi took this opportunity to compliment Aashka on her new look. She also extended a hand of friendship towards Aashka, by giving her a small token of love. Finally the two women have let down their arms and called for peace!

  • Bigg Boss then announced that there would be a mid week eviction this week in the race to the finals. This spread panic amongst the nominated contestants.

  • As soon as the evictions were announced, Rajev and Delnaaz had a heart-to-heart talk about their stay in the house. Delnaaz very sweetly said that they should remain friends, which brought tears to Rajev's eyes.

  • The 4 nominated housemates were taken to the activity area and asked for their last words in the Bigg Boss house, which was relayed to the housemates. And then suddenly, the plank below Dinesh's feet gave way, and Dinesh disappeared! Quite an eviction, this.

  • Aashka's affection for Sana seems to be overflowing in this picture. Rajev, Aashka and the rest were very happy that Sana and Delnaaz were saved, and greeted them excitedly. But Santosh was angry that he didn't get a warm welcome!

  • Vishal broke down as soon as he saw that Dinesh hadn't come back. Vishal broke down on his stretcher as Santosh tried to console him. They felt that it was unfair that Dinesh was evicted before the others.

  • While Vishal was shedding tears, Sapna was more dramatic in her anger. She screamed throughout the house that good people like Dinesh were evicted and weird people like Imam were kept inside. Imam obviously took offence to this, and confronted her.

  • Bigg Boss declared that nominations would begin again after the eviction. But the twist was that Bigg Boss asked everyone names of two housemates that they would like to 'save', not evict. All the housemates had to wrack their brains over which friend to save.

  • After the nominations, the Gujarati Mahila Mandal had a reunion and sorted out all the differences between them. Surprisingly, even Delnaaz was open to patching up with Urvashi after their big showdown!

  • After the nominations, only Sana and Delnaaz were safe. But when given a choice, Sapna chose to save Aashka, Karishma and Urvashi, leaving all the boys open for eviction! Everyone was proud of Sapna for her decision. Surprising.

  • Just as everyone was settling in for the night, Santosh insisted on talking to Aashka privately for a while. He was pretty angry with her about not saving her 'Nirahua bhaiyya' during nominations. But Aashka refused, promising him that she would talk to him tomorrow, leaving him dissatisfied.

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