Distinct fates of two Balika Vadhus

 January 30th, 2013

  • While Anandi is trying to adjust to the new phase of her life, there is another Balika Vadhu in the show who is grappling with her fate and struggling to break the shackles of the regressive society. Let’s take a look at the contrasting fates of the two Balika Vadhus.

  • Anandi was married in a family where the head of the family was a matriarch, while Ganga has been married in a family of patriarchs.

  • From the beginning itself, Anandi’s mother-in-law Sumitra was quite supportive of her and made sure that she got proper education. On the other hand, Ganga’s been subjugated by her mother-in-law, who never supports giving any kind of freedom to Ganga.

  • Anandi’s first husband, Jagya did betray her, but his family stood like a rock for Anandi.Whereas, Ganga’s in-lawas never supported her and sever physical and mental atrocities were inflicted on her by her own husband.

  • Even though Jagya did not divorce Anandi, he moved out of the house before he married someone else. But, Ganga’s husband never gave her the position of a wife but treated her like a servant and went ahead to remarry without divorcing her. 

  • After Jagya betrayed Anandi, her in-laws broke all ties with their son and got Anandi re-married to a well educated man as opposed to Ganga’s in-laws who want to throw her out of the house after she gave birth to a boy.

  • We just hope that the new Balika Vadhu gets out of the vortex of mayhem of such an orthodox society and gets a suitable life partner soon!

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