Delnaaz says 'bye' with dignity!

 January 10th, 2013

entered Bigg Boss Season-6, she was already a popular name and face on Indian television, but during her stay in the house, along with her ex-husband Rajev Paul, made her life a national issue! Let’s take a look at the highlights of Delnaaz’s milestone Journey in the show.

"> Rajev was just a co-contestant!

"> fun moments inside the house and were even warned by Bigg Boss for talking in Gujrati!

"> Check out this video!

"> Let’s take a look once again!

Rajneeti task, when the house got divided into two parts. Being the captain she tried justifying her actions to everyone, especially Urvashi, who was most aggressive and outspoken. Post this task her friendship with Uravshi also turned quite sour! 

"> ‘Angels & Demons’ task. She was the angel and played her part quite well. Her patience and resistance were quite commendable.

"> Bakhtiyaar Irani entered the house and accused Rajev for being dishonest and fake. Not just this, but he also humiliated Urvashi by taking her kids name. 

"> Bigg Boss gave a secret task to Urvashi. She was directed to pick up Bakhtiyaar’s event with Delnaaz that turned into a Mahabharat! Delnaaz broke her silence for the first time and we got to see a different shade of her personality.

"> Delnaaz broke down once again when asked about her feelings about her ex-husband during another task given by Bigg Boss, where she, Rajev, Aashka and Niketan had to undergo the lie detection test.

"> Rakesh Paul paid a secret visit to him. Rajev went on seeking explanation about her statements against Rajev in the show.


"> Her mother nominated Rajev on Delnaaz’s behalf citing three very demeaning reasons that brought Rajev’s image under scanner once again.  

"> ex-husband confessing his admiration towards their co-contestant, young and lively, Sana Khan.#mce_temp_url# She became a silent spectator of the whole drama, but at times did show her concern about Rajev’s image in the show! (Hyperlink of their argument)


"> she lost her calm yet again when Bigg Boss showed the video of Rajev and his brother’s personal conversation about Delnaaz’s strategy in the house. Delnaaz broke her silence and revealed what she went through during her marital innings with Rajev. 

"> Delnaaz’s journey ended in the most bizarre way! In the dead of night, Bigg Boss instructed the six finalists to gather in the garden area and put a full stop to Delnaaz’s innings in the house! 



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