Decoded: Zain and Aliya’s chemistry

 January 16th, 2014

  • Zain and Aliya may scream from the rooftops that they hate each other in Beintehaa, but we know that there is more to their equation than pure loathing, so let’s try and break down their chemistry.

  • 3 parts attraction- When Aliya thought that Zain was Zeeshan, she was very attracted to him. Even now, she claims to hate him, but still sneaks looks at her. Even Zain can’t stop staring at Aliya when she gets all decked up, so no point denying the attraction.

  • 2 parts curiosity- Aliya is unlike any other girl that Zain has met till now, and Zain too is nothing like the boys of Bhopal. Both of them keep surprising each other with their tricks, so there is a lot of curiosity to discover each other’s hidden traits.

  • 1 part mischief- Though their childhood is over, but Zain and Aliya’s prank war is still not finished. They can play tricks with each other that they can attempt with no one else, and a little childishness remains in both of them.

  • 2 parts irritation- Zain’s pranks, his cocky nature, his confidence, everything irritates Aliya no end. And when she gives it back to him, Zain feels the same irritation.

  • 2 parts respect- Inspite of all the anger, Zain and Aliya also have some respect for each other, because come on, both of them are not bad people per se. Also, the fact that they love each others’ parents increases their respect for each other.What do you think of Aliya and Zain's chemistry? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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