Colors of Navratri everywhere!

 October 26th, 2012

  • Navratri might be over in the real world, but in our shows, it's still being celebrated with all fanfare and bhakti. Everybody is taking part in the festival in their own way. Take a look.

  • Kairee has been celebrating Navratri with the most dedication. Of course, it lead to some tense moments with Suman behaving like the bahu of the house and Ambi not getting to celebrate her first Navratri. But finally Anuj and Ambi perform Mata's aarti as a couple. 

  • With the praying out of the way, Ambi and Anuj also indulged in some dandiya, and the hiding from Mamiji made it all the more fun! We guess this was worth all the trouble that the couple took, sneaking behind Mamiji and Suman.

  • When news of Kunal and Siddhi (Parichay) being missing came, the first thing that Veena Chopra did was pray. There was a big scare when the diya in front Devi Maa's photo fluttered a bit. But being the protective mother that she is, she didn't let the diya extinguish, nor her hope. 

  • Siddhi and Kunal were lost in the jungle, and their families were praying for them at home. After Kunal's mother prayed for his safe return, even Anand prayed in front of Devi Maa to protect Kunal. Guess it worked, because they came back safe!

  • In Sasural Simar ka, if Simar is now holding her baby girl, she has Mata Rani to thank. She had prayed to Mata Rani to protect her baby, and soon, Khushi was exposed in front of the whole family.

  • Even when Khushi tried to escape, it was during a Devi procession. Needless to say, Khushi was caught by the Bharadwaj family, and taken to the hospital for the delivery.

  • Then came the twist where Veeru stole Simar's baby and tried to escape with it. When he was cornered, he flung the baby in the air, but miraculously, Simar caught the baby just as Roli and Siddhant offered the chunri to Mata Rani!

  • In this sequence of Navratri in Balika Vadhu, the tension in the air was thick enough to cut with a knife. During Mata's puja, Shiv and Anandi too their turn for the aarti, only to be interrupted by Jagya. Shiv and Anandi quietly let go off the aarti thali, but nobody except Jagya looked too pleased.

  • Well, the celebrations in Madhubala haven't begun in full swing, but that doesn't mean there are no fireworks. Madhu has convinced RK to participate in the festivities, and being the dutiful wife, she also helped him get ready. We love Madhubala's Navratri already!

  • Not just in fiction shows, Navratri made its presence felt even in Bigg Boss. The housemates got a surprise when they received traditional clothes from home. They dressed up, played garba and generally had a lot of fun. Jai Mata Di!

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