Chor Police in the Bigg Boss House #Day 71, Recap

 December 18th, 2012

  • Imam is upset with Niketan and goes on about how he is the rotten apple in the group that spoils the rest. Niketan, Sapna and Urvsahi exchange some facial expressions over which Imam gets offended.  Watch how Imam feels that the housemates are bitching about him. 

  • Imam catches Delnaaz as she is the captain and tells her that he can hear the housemates plotting against him. In sometime, Imam is seen taunting Niketan by passing demeaning comments and asking him to clean the toilet after using it. Niketan ignores him and walks off.  Watch Imam's arguments right here!

  • Imam follows Niketan out till the dining area and shouts at him for using the washroom before him. The rest of the housemates share a big laugh at this incident. Watch how they make fun of imam right here!

  • Bigg Boss assembles the housemates in the living area and announces their weekly budget task – ‘Chor, Police aur Aam aadmi’. Sapna, Niketan and Imam are the chors, Rajev, Sana and Urvashi are the Police and the rest of the housemates are the ‘aam janta’. Watch this exciting task right here!

  • Urvashi is shocked by Imam's actions and regrets supporting him in the starting weeks. Here's the whole argument between her and Imam, watch now!

  • Imam hides his money in the washroom. In the process, he finds the money hidden by Sapna and Niketan as well! Watch how Imam got his hands on all the money!

  • Sapna and Niketan are seen plotting against Imam. Since both of them are in liaison with the ‘aam janta’, Sapna said that they’ll portray as if they get lunch for a meager sum of Rs. 10 in contrast to Rs. 300 charged to Imam from the ‘Aam janta’. The plot seemes to work as Imam questioned the unfair treatment. Watch how Imam got cheated!

  • In sometime, Sana is alone in the washroom and she finds all the money Imam had hidden under the sink of the washbasin. Watch how Sana proved to be Dabbang in this video!

  • Imam escapes from the jail as the cops were missing from their spot in the garden area. He runs in to the room but not for long as Rajev and Sana capture him and put him back inside. Watch this hilarious attempt to escape right here!

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