'Chemistry Ki Pathshaala' on Jhalak

 September 22nd, 2012

  • After watching Yana Gupta sizzle on Jhalak stage with Rithvik and speaking about her chemistry with Choreographer salman in the previous season, Manish hit the nail on the head when he asked "Is yana a chemistry teacher! First salman now Rithvik"

    'Chemistry Ki Paathshala' on Jhalak
  • Manish himself never fails to test his equation with the pretty women on the stage. This time too he didn't dissapoint his 'fans' and shook a leg with both Yana and Gauhar!

    'Chemistry Ki Paathshala' on Jhalak
  • urged by this comment, the judges decided to test Salman's chemistry with both his celebrity contestants Isha and Yana. Asking him what the formula is for this sizzling chemistry that seems to create ripples in the audience, he said "Dedication and hardwork.. That's my formula for chemistry". 

    'Chemistry Ki Paathshala' on Jhalak
  • Dancing to the song 'soniyo', Salman performed with both Yana and Isha after which Karan said " It was a warm moment. Salman ka jo connect Isha ke saath hai, wahi Yana ke saath bhi hai. He seems to be good at forming bonds." While Madhuri said, "This is the perfect formula to make an atomic bomb - all you have to do is  put all 3 together",leaving it to Remo to judge who Salman has better chemistry with. 

    'Chemistry Ki Paathshala' on Jhalak
  • Remo said, "I think you put Salman with anyone aur woh khud hi chemistry form ho jaati hai" and Ragini challenged Salman saying is it possible with Manish. The next thing you know, Salman was doing a passionate dance with Manish.

    'Chemistry Ki Paathshala' on Jhalak
  • After a sensuous exchange of looks between the two, Salman even swept him into his arms for a lift.

    'Chemistry Ki Paathshala' on Jhalak
  • Though the judges were on the floor throughout this performance, they did unanimously give this duo the perfect 30 while Remo went so far as to say " Salman ki best chemistry Manish ke saath thi". 

    'Chemistry Ki Pathshala' on Jhalak
  • Well looks like after Karan Wahi's and Rithvik's break up, the jhalak floor has found some more dostana. Way to go Manish and Salman.

    'Chemistry ki Pathshala' on Jhalak

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