Bipasha enters the House! #Day 76, Recap

 December 23rd, 2012

  • Salman welcomed Bombshell Bipasha and she even made him dance on her tunes! Watch the two Superstars shake that booty in this video!

  • Salman invited some people from the audience to learn fitness training from Bipasha and what sultry moves she showed off! Watch Bipasha's dance tutorial in this video!

  • Salman officially launched Bipasha's fitness DVD album, Break Free. He also commented that he woudl feinitely buy it just to see Bips' hot album cover! Watch the launch right here!

  • Bipasha finally gets a chance to enter the House and what a warm welcome by everyone! Watch as the Housemates give Bipasha a tour of the House.

  • In order to make Vishal super active, Salman put him on a treadmill and took his LVA test. With each wrong answer, Salman increased the speed meter and in the end Vishal was out of breath! Watch this tricky game played by Salman in this video!

  • Vishal took the opportunity of thanking his father for all he has done for him in life. Usually a reserved person by nature, Vishal opened up about his feelings and how grateful he is to have such parents in life. Even Salman was moved by his confession. Like Karishma would say, Awww! Watch Vishal give his message right here!

  • Salman then invited Psychiatrist Dr. Vishal Sawant and asked hi mto elaborate on each Housemates' mental status. Watch the Doctors' analysis of the housemates right here!

  • When Bigg Boss had asked each housemates to state their wishes in the Vodafone booth, they didn't know that would turn into a Vodafoen ad and the ywould becoem stars sitting inside the house! Check out our Bigg Boss housemates in Vodafone ad right here!

  • Bipasha made all the Housemates do a Limbo dance for her. Only Aashka and Sana managed to dance and they won the task! Watch the Housemates' attempt in this video!

  • Bips gets a chance to become Bigg Boss and give advice to the Housemates. But she also gives a specia laadesh for Salman. Click here to know what Bips suggested to Salman!

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