Bigg Boss’ special surprises in 2012

 January 15th, 2013

  • When it comes to surprises, Bigg Boss is no less than Santa. The only difference is, while Santa surprises every Christmas, Bigg Boss keeps throwing in his surprises anytime. But, not always his surprises are pleasant and might turn out to be shocking and quirky. Let’s have a look at the top six surprises of this ‘Alag Che’ season!

  • Shopping outside the house: First time in the history of Bigg Boss, housemates were taken out of the house to shop for the luxury budget. Though the chosen ones, Vishal and Karishma, got only two minutes to shop, both performed well in the task and got loads of coffee for the housemates!

  • The Padosi Ghar: This was something that the housemates could have never fathomed- ‘A Padosi Ghar nextdoor!’ This mud-house was a complete contrast to what the housemates were used to, with minimum amenities and one Imam to deal with! Bigg Boss shifted some of the evictees including Aashka, Vrajesh, Vishal and Dinesh, offering them another chance to stay in the game.  

  • The Bigg Merger: Housemates came in for another surprise/ shock when Bigg Boss destroyed the mud-house and brought all the contestants under one roof! While some housemates like Delnaaz, Sana and Sapnawere happy to see their old friends, others including Niketan, Rajev and Urvashi weren’t as pleased.

  • Freeze and Release: As the show got intense with crooked dynamics in the house and when everybody was feeling the heat, Bigg Boss played a cruel game. He sent in Delnaaz’s brother, Bakhtiyar entered the house and removed all his angst against Urvashi and Rajev, while they stood still as a part of the Freeze and Release task. This did have dirty repercussions as the task changed the atmosphere of the house.

  • Magical mid-week eviction: Well this one was a bouncer that cleaned bowled one and all. As a part of Christmas celebration, Bigg Boss arranged for a magic show inside the house. And in one of the acts, Karishma vanished quite literally! Bigg Boss later announced this to be a mid-week eviction, leaving everyone astounded.

  • Baap of All Surprises: There have been many special guests visiting the housemates like Rakhi Sawant to enetertain them, Bharti Singh to distract them from doing the task, Jyoti Amge to test their humanity and Bipasha Basu to get the temperature soaring. But, the most special guest to enter the house was Salman Khan, who joined the housemates as a BIGG SURPRISE!

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