Bigg Boss main Pandeyji bajaye Seeti! #Day 75, Recap

 December 22nd, 2012

  • Salman entersin full Dabangg mode and dances on his ltest song, Bajaya Pandeyji Seeti. Watch his dhamakedaar performance right here!

  • Salman questions Rajev whether he lieks Sana or no? He tries to justify his attraction towards Sana but doesn't want to lable it anything. Watch Rajev's attempt to justify his feelings in this video.

  • Salman comments about Rajev's habit to pick up figths with Imam and questions him the reason behind this. Watch here what Rajev said in reply.

  • Considering Bigg Boss tagged Rajev and Karishma as the best dancers in the House, Salman asked the two to display their new found talent. Watch their 'Boombat' performance right here!

  • Referring to the Layered Analysis Test, Salman asked Delnaaz to clarify once and for all if she still loves Rajev. Watch here to know Delnaaz's answer!

  • Salman unvelied Aseem's hot new look in front of the Housemates. Check out his complete makeover in this video!

  • Salman gives Sana a chance to save one person between Rajev and Vishal. Watch this video to know who was Sana's chocie!

  • While announcing the results, Salman played a little game with the Housemates confusing them about who's evicted! Watch his tricky game right here!

  • We get to see a little Precap to Super Saturday episode with Salman Khan and Bipasha Basu and we als ohear she's going to enter the house! Watch this sneak peek right here!

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