Bigg Boss ke Mehmaan!

 November 30th, 2012

  • Jyoti Amge was the first one to eneter the Bigg Boss House as a guest.

    Guest no. 1
  • We all know how attached and possessive Aashka was for Jyoti and how she became Aashka's confidante in the house. Not only her, but, even other housemates grew quite fond of quite, sweet and sometimes naughty Jyoti

    The little bundle of Joy!
  • Atom bomb Rakhi Sawant was the second to be the Bigg Boss guest who visited the Padosi Ghar for a few hours and entertained the housemates!

    Guest no. 2
  • Rakhi has been the contestant on the show in the first season and was quite a pleasent surprise for the housemates who kept guessing who she was until she showed some of her patent jhatkas. Rakhi enetred the house a gaon ki gori with ghoonghat and a jhaadoo in her hand!

    Firebrand Rakhi
  • While the Padosi Gharwale had enough entertainment, Bigg Boss sent a unique guest, actress Anjana Das, inside the Bigg House.

    Guest no. 3
  • Anjana enetred the show as a talkative bai who brought the house upside down by troubling the housemates who could neither talk to her nor react towards her actions.

    'Bai' god!
  • Housemates went through a tough time controlling their laughter when Bhati Singh enetred the house.

    Guest no. 4
  • Bharti stayed in the house for few hours and made it tough for the housemates to divert their mind. She cracked some funny jokes and the practical ones too!

    Musu-musu haasi?
  • While Imam has been unsetteling the lives in the Bigg house, he re-enetred the Padosi ghar with an intention of starti afresh with the housemates but could not supress his true self for longer and like a guest took leave from the housemates in just two days once again!

    Guest no. 5
  • With a rigid minset and critical approach, let's see if the Housemates are able to adjust with him or if Imam will have to  pack his bags again!

    Guest in the other house too?

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