Bigg Boss ka Chhota Packet, Bada Dhamaka!

 November 22nd, 2012

  • The latest entrant in the Bigg Boss house is Jyoti Amge, who holds two Guinness World Records of being the shortest girl alive and the shortest woman alive. If this is not an 'alag' entry, we don't know what is!

    Meet Jyoti Amge!
  • Measuring at a little more than 2 feet, this 18 year old says that she is not sad about her height as it has made her famous around the world. She has done many interviews with publications around the globe.

    Proud Jyoti
  • Jyoti hails from Nagpur, and has 3 elder sisters and an elder brother. Unfazed by her short stature, she is pursuing college education in the Arts department, and has made many friends in her college, too!

    Tiny beauty
  • Jyoti suffers from achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, that stopped her growth when she was a baby. She cant walk for long distances and has to be carried around to most places. But her friends and family happily carry her around wherever she needs to go!

    Unfazed by her disorder
  • Jyoti, apart from her height, is just like any other young girl. She spends a lot of her time on Facebook with her friends, and loves chatting on her cell-phone with her group of friends. She also likes to read and recite shayari, and has gotten pretty good at it!

    Social youngster
  • Apart from socializing, Jyoti is also fond of jewellery and pretty clothes. She selects her own clothes and has jewellery custom-made to fit her special-sized fingers. Jyoti is also very particular about styling her long hair, which she is very possessive about!

    Pretty in pink!
  • Jyoti is very excited about going to the Bigg Boss house, and claims that she will entertain everyone with her games and talks. She also says that she will not let any fights happen when she goes in. Awww!

    Bigg Boss, here I come!
  • But the reason she's most excited about being in Bigg Boss is because she'll get to meet Salman! Jyoti claims to be Salman's biggest fan and blushes whenever Salman's name is mentioned. She says she'll be tongue-tied when she meets her idol! 

    Salman's fan!
  • Jyoti aims to be in the entertainment industry, and her ambition is to win an Oscar! She is the host of an Italian show, and has also acted in a Bollywood movie. Jyoti hopes that Bigg Boss will make her more famous, and take her closer to her goal. Here's wishing our 'Chhota Packet' all the best!

    Here to win!

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