Best moments from IGT Grand Finale

 November 25th, 2012

  • The show begins and here come our judges! This is pyar ke mohar, Karan Johar!

  • Farah Khan entered dancing on the song 'Dhoom tana' from her movie Om Shanti Om

  • Kirronji became Senorita for one night and danced in all her glory!

  • And finally came Munni with all her latkas and jhatkas!

  • And once the judges were settled, a bomb fell and out came Shah Rukh Khan with the two bombshells Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. Woohoo!

  • First performance of night was by Acrobatic Boys and Tanya & Mukesh and they both were splendid! When Tanya requested SRK and Katrina to come on stage they willingly obliged and Tanya had the time of her life dancing so close to King Khan!  

  • Who's a better Chikni Chameli??

  • Then came the time for our most favorite jodi, Manish and Kirru, to perform. Aah, so much love!

  • But in came in the original aashiq, Shahrukh Khan, to claim his K-k-Kirron and sadly Manish was kicked out of the picture!

  • Then there was a contest between SRK and Manish in which tehy had to say the former's Naina dialogue from Kal Ho Na Ho. And SRK once again proved it that why he is the Badshah of Bollywood. When he says the dialogue with so much love you can't help but stare at him with gooey eyes!

  • Next performance was done by Nitish Bharti and Silhouette Squad. Together they mixed their sand art with shadow act and showed the full season of IGT and some of its best moments. On request even Shahrukh showed his signatures moves in the Shadow act and that was legendary!

  • Diplav, Margam, Shiraz Irani, Ocean Kids and Bivash Kids performed together and it was a house full of talent! Anushka was then invited on stage to dance on Jiya Re and she tagged Shah Rukh along. SRK confessed he still hasn't managed to learn the Jiya Re step. Funny!

  • Everyone was impressed by Shiraz's killer moves and she got some rave comments from all guests but we are sure this kiss by SRK would be the most precious gesture for Shiraz. Are we jealous? Hell, yes!

  • Dancing was just over when the girls on stage pounced on Shah Rukh and each of them got a kiss by him! For us this was the most enviable moment from IGT Grand Finale, don't you agree?

  • Then came our three most talented singers: Toshan, Chanchal Bharti and Deepraj. Joining them in this performance was singer Richa Sharma and together these four created a beautiful jugalbandi and such confluence of talent. 

  • When Shah Rukh got to know that Deepraj wishes to gift his father a car after winning the show, he offered to gift a car to Deepraj who could then give it to his father. Awww!

  • Now if you have come on Karan's show it has become mandatory for everyone to dance with him on Radha! So here are SRK, Katrina, Anushka and the judges trying to match steps with Karan as he seems to have perfected the dance routine!

  • Talent Scan gave a tribute to some of the blockbusters of Bollywood and DDLJ was a part of the act. SRK especially felt honoured and thanked Talent Scan for showcasing his picture in such a way.

  • From Munni to Anarkali, Malaika sure knows how to set the stage on fire!

  • Together SRKand Malaika relived their moments from Chaiyya Chaiyya and showed us why that was such an epic song! Kudos to the two for remembering all the steps even after so many years!

  • And then came the final moment when SRK announced the winner. And the winner know it by now, Bivash Academy of Dance! Yep, that's them with their proud teacher.

  • And here's the actual Best Moment from IGT Grand Finale! Shah Rukh kissed Shonali as she was announced the winner and gave her all his blessings. Such a perfect end to the show, right?!

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