Bakhtiyaar comes to sister Delnaaz's rescue!

 December 7th, 2012

  • Just as the buzzer went off, indicating that everyone had to freeze, Season 3 housemate and Delnaaz's brother Bakhtiyaar came in through the confession room. What was funny was, everyone had to stay frozen in the shocked expressions with which they welcomed him!

  • Bakhtiyaar marched straight up to Delnaaz, and smothered his frozen sister with atleast half a dozen kisses. Poor Delnaaz  had to stay 'statued' all through this affectionate meeting, with her eyes welling up...

  • After the initial affection, Bakhtiyaar went into agony aunt mode as he urged Delnaaz to speak up whenever something bad happened with her. He was angry that she stayed silent even when someone insulted her. 

  • Aashka is one of Delnaaz's biggest support system. And Bakhtiyaar appreciated it when he half-hugged Aashka and said to her 'You're a sweetheart!'

  • What Bakhtiyaar said to Sana was pretty funny. He first called her beautiful, and then added that 3 of his friends had asked him to pass on the message to her. Even in the statue condition, your could see Sana's smile after the compliment.

  • After hugging Vishal and calling him 'superb' (we don't know for what!), Bakhtiyaar viciously turned on Urvashi and called her fat! He continued that even if Delnaaz was fat, she was independent and he was proud of her. He also reminded her that before she speaks something so nasty, she should remember that she has sons and a family back home.

  • As he made his way towards Rajev, Bakhtiyaar made a stop near Mink and made fun of her Punjabi accent by saying,"Its not Antry, it's Entry'. We wonder what a silent Mink thought about this sudden language tutorial!

  • Bakhtiyaar saved the best of his rant for Rajev, as he demanded to know when he had made all the efforts for reconciliation that he had claimed on the show. He also accused that all his chants of 'Delu, Delu' were fake as he was also being affectionate towards other girls. And Rajes's expression during this talk made his discomfort pretty clear. 

  • Imam, who had started crying as soon as Bakhtiyaar hugged Delnaaz, was consoled by Bakhtiyaar who asked him to stay strong. He also complimented him, saying that he laughed whenever Imam was on screen, which meant that he was doing a good job.

  • Than, with a final kiss to Delnaaz and a farewell jibe to Vrajesh about changing his position during 'statue', Bakhtiyaar breezed out of the Bigg Boss house as suddenly as he had entered it. Watch the whole of Bakhtiyaar's monologue here!

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