Anandi finally confesses her love for Shiv!

 January 24th, 2013

  • We all know how accommodating Shiv has been in his marriage with Anandi. While Anandi was hesitant with the idea of getting intimate on the first night, Shiv assured her that he would touch her once she is mentally prepared.

  • Anandi respects Shiv for his virtues and broad-mindedness but has never confessed her love for him.

  • Shiv, on the other hand, has expressed his love, passion and admiration for Anandi time and again. His only expectation has been to see Anandi reciprocate the same.

  • And finally, it happened! Anandi did say that she loves Shiv but, in a rather fun way.

  • Shiv decided to play a game of rapid fire questions with Anandi. Remember that song from Aradhna- “Aaj somvaar hai-hai, tumko mujhse pyaar hai- hai” in which Rajesh Khanna tricks the heroine into confessing her love for him.

  • Shiv in a fun way started asking Anandi several random questions like, if she loved his family, to which Anandi said “yes”. He then asked her if she loved Sanchi, to which Anandi said “yes”. In the flow of these question and answers, Shiv popped the most important question. He asked her if she loved him and Anandi said “yes” again.

  • Wow! What a romantic moment! Anandi finally confessed her feelings for Shiv. Can we expect some fire crackers next? Well, if you have missed this romantic scene between Shiv and Anandi, watch it right here!    

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